The House that Greenspan Built: Irrationally Exuberant Wall Street Welfare Parasites and Their Fed-God

Friday, September 12, 2003
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Frenzies, bubbles, and troubles. Bulls propped up behind a hearty dose of Wall Street Socialism. The US economy is experiencing a recession/Depression, inflation, government manipulation of oil prices, malinvestment, severe unemployment, and bubbles in paper assets, housing, and bonds. Plus, recognize the problems with so many corporate balance sheets, P&Ls, cash flow, and underfunded pension plans. There’s the problems with the SEC lording it over the accounting industry and Sarbanes-Oxley. Most people, even astute folks that tend to follow issues, are not aware of how deep the problems are. The libertarians of the Austrian Economics branch, however, are the ones exposing and analyzing these problems to the rest of us. Oh sure, mainstream publications everywhere provide some good original sources, but the Austrians peel back the facade and strike at the root of the problem — government manipulation of and subsidies to the free market.

The Mises Institute has associated with it several Austro-Financial writers of top-notch caliber on these topics: Sean Corrigan, Antony Mueller, Robert Blumen, Frank Shostak, Gregory Bresiger, Christopher Mayer, Anthony Deden, and even Gene Epstein. Following is a compiled list of some interesting links by the Austrians as well as fellow traveler or mainstream publications:

The Fed Fuels Overcapacity – on malinvestment

- The Mortgage Frenzy - CNN-Money on bank exposure in the mortgage market

- The Bond Bubble - The Detroit Free Press on the next trouble bubble

- Which Bubble Will Pop Next? – Robert Blumen and the WSJ on bubbles and more bubbles

- Is Greenspan a God? – Robert Blumen on

- Fannie Mae - How it distorts markets, by Robert Blumen

- Bear Market - Sean Corrigan on the Bears

- False Hopes – John Cochran on cycles

- A New Bull Market? – Frank Shostak on Fed manipulation

- Housing Bubble – Myth or Reality? – Reality, says Frank Shostak

- The Housing Bubble - Christopher Mayer in The Free Market

- Is Bust Better than No Boom? – Christopher Mayer in The Free Market

- Mortgage Market Socialism - Christopher Mayer in The Free Market

The Economist Magazine – On real estate bubbles

- House of Cards

- A Boom Out of Step

- Location, Location, Location

- Property Markets and Bubble Trouble

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