The Government At Your Dinner Table

Saturday, February 21, 2015
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More federal food politics are sprinkling from down on high. One item littering the news-o-sphere, yesterday, is the notion that eating meat contributes to global warming, er, … make that climate change.

A federal advisory committee is already setting up the next generation of federal dietary guidelines to knock meat out of the park and embrace more politically favorable agricultural provisions. Eating meat is being conveniently linked to a “larger carbon footprint,” another one of those symbolic labels that can’t be quantified without political intimidation and corporate-special interest meddling. Livestock farming is being advantageously linked to GHG emissions, and meat-eating “mitigation solutions” are reinforcing the next generation of guidelines to be  - literally – shoved down our throats. “Culturally appropriate” and “sustainable” are the catchwords of the next generation of food tyrants.

The Washington Post writer is kind enough to note that the biggest impact of these guidelines and “recommendations” will be where the government and Big Food-Big Ag industry can have the most influence and impact: your children and the public schools. See my 2007 article on this topic: “When Totalitarianism Comes to America, it Will Come Wrapped in a Whole-Grain, Low-Sodium, Decaffeinated, Re-Usable, Non-Carbon-Footprint Wrapper.”

“We’re not saying that people need to become vegans,” said Miriam Nelson, a professor at Tufts University and one of the committee’s members. “But we are saying that people need to eat less meat.”

Yet, politically disinterested factmasters such as the famed botanist and author, Michael Pollan, have long been warning of the environmental and biological impact of the large-scale monoculture required to support industrial agriculture, or Big Ag, and a vegan-based diet.

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