The Glories of Hate Mail:

Tuesday, November 19, 2002
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The Glories of Hate Mail: Not much to say today, so I’ll post something that I found both pathetic and amusing. People invariably put me onto their distribution lists, and good or bad, I just don’t have the time to sift through most of it, let alone read it. I can get dozens of these per day. This one caught ahold of my funny-bone, both for its total lack of proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, and then, for the the thesis itself. (if that can even be deduced from the massive blob of ranting presented therein) Overall, the guy is a pathetic misogynist, and attacks women with the maturity level of an extremely-challenged ten-year-old. He either knew that I am strongly anti-feminist and thought I would agree with him!, or he thought that I was “one of them” (the feminists). Anyway, it is perhaps the most insane, irrational, and unsupportable letter I have yet to receive, and it’s definitely worth reading for kicks and grins. When I told him to stop sending me his junk, he in turn challenged me to debate on national TV (har!; he was very serious). I’ve italicized some of the more pathetic parts:

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