The Giant Sucking Sound….

Monday, November 9, 2009
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Many thanks to Garry Reed, who I got to meet in Texas, for putting together a summary of National Government Sucks Day. Texas was warm and sunny during the day, and as late afternoon rolled around, I froze! People laughed – I’m from the Great North, so shouldn’t I find 60-degree temps in Texas to be like Indian Summer? Well yeah, until the sun dropped low in the sky, the winds blew on my back, and I started to shiver like a naked hamster hogtied to an air conditioning vent. I finally got to meet Mary Ruwart and R. Lee Wrights, and of course, libertarian cartoonist Kevin Tuma, who arranged the event. A good time was had by all. I like Texans, dammit. And I was exploring Waco (about 50 miles from Fort Hood?) on Friday afternoon, the day the Fort Hood massacre occurred. I called some friends up and they hadn’t even heard the news at that point. I wasn’t in Texas long enough to make it down to terrific Austin – my only disappointment.

Thanks to somebody at the Daily Paul for putting together this very cool, retro poster.

National Government Sucks Day Poster

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One Response to The Giant Sucking Sound….

  1. clark says:

    November 14th, 2009 at 2:35 am

    I just realized that in my city there are no dogs outside anymore. I don’t know what ordinance the government has enacted to cause this, but it appears that government has sucked the dogs out of everyones backyards. I can’t recall the last time I saw a dog in someones backyard, the only time I see dogs are when they are either in a car or being taken for a walk down a sidewalk (even that isn’t very often) so it appears that the government has not sucked up All the dogs in my fairly large city – yet. The government Does suck, it sucks freedom, liberty, dogs and probably small children as well, for sure it sucks draft aged young men and women. E-gads, run! or it’ll suck you up too. Aahh, but there’s nowhere to run from a government that sucks, for it will find you and suck the lifeblood from you or at least a major portion of your income.

    But seriously, there are no longer any dogs in backyards in my city, heck, I can’t remember the last time a dog in the country tried to bite the tires on my car for that matter. Did the government suck up most of the country dogs too? Is this just in my area?

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