The FTC’s ‘No Child Left Behind’

Sunday, April 4, 2010
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In response to my post about the Snowe-Rockefeller cyber security propaganda campaign, Skip Oliva sent this along to me: the FTC’s version of “No Child Left Behind.” The government has taken up the task of propagandizing children on government Internet security. A program called Net Cetera:

The Federal Trade Commission today reported to Congress that it is getting the word out about Internet safety for children by aggressively promoting a new booklet, Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online, to schools, police and sheriff’s departments, and PTAs nationwide.

Net Cetera explains to parents and their children how to deal with issues such as social networking, cyberbullying, using mobile phones safely, and protecting the family computer from badware. The booklet is practical, plain-language, and value-neutral, so all parents – regardless of whether they are technologically savvy – can use it to help their kids make better decisions about online behavior. It is the most recent addition to the consumer education campaign, which helps people guard against Internet fraud, secure their computers, and protect their privacy.

…The FTC created Net Cetera in response to a Congressional mandate in the Broadband Data Improvement Act, and has promoted it through the interagency campaign. The campaign includes 13 other federal agencies as partners and centers on a Web site of the same name.

Now cyberbullying is a problem? Here’s the booklet.

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