The Frightening World of Selfish,

Tuesday, November 5, 2002
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The Frightening World of Selfish, Career Moms: Froma Harrop exposes the world of make-believe - one where couples can be dual, high-powered executives while raising children at the same time. Note that this couple already has three they can’t spend time with, so why not pop out another one that the nanny can take care of? What Harrop describes is the ultimate in selfishness and irresponsibility. However, a society built on feminism – that is absent all family-rearing tradition – plays up these kinds of scenarios as something to strive for, something to admire. So we should all adopt the modern, feel-good, collective euphoria and say “Great job!” to Moms & Dads who have multiple babies whose needs come well behind their own. And the business community is trumpeted for promoting and aiding morally criminal parenting. These folks in this story are not admirable; they are repulsive as human beings and as parents.

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