The Essence of Egg and Chicken

Monday, March 21, 2011
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Joel Salatin, farmer, author, and lecturer, uses the story of chicken farming and eggs to tell a story of values, success, and the necessity of writing one’s own legacy that is rife with principles. Joel communicates a great summary of the free market when he says, “If we devote ourselves to sacredness in our vocations, the world will rise to meet us.” Joel notes that too often in in modern culture individuals lack sacredness, honor, and nobility of personal ministry while seeking expediency at the expense of quality. See a clip of Salatin from Fresh, a movie that “celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system.”

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One Response to The Essence of Egg and Chicken

  1. Jeannie Queenie says:

    March 21st, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    ‘Manipulative and arrogant’ Salatin says about Big Ag and any gov’t that attempts to GMO, increase, make bigger, fatter any and all foods we eat. Winced when he said that any gov’t who will do that to its food supply, will as well, do the same to their own citizens in such an arrogant, manipulative manner….can’t argue with that. For sure, the arrogance of banksters taking home boatloads of cash and making john q public pay for it, is actually beyond arrogance…it’s worthy of a greed guillotine.!

    When Joel says this…”too often in our modern culture individuals lack sacredness, honor, and nobility of personal ministry while seeking expediency at the expense of quality”. surely a truth, if ever….quality over quantity is key to what he is saying here. In the video he speaks of egg farming..


    I couldn’t help but juxtapose his idea of quality of eggs to that of men/quantity and women/quality…now think about this…we do live in a man’s world as my mother taught me.
    What mom didn’t tell me is that men are more into quantity which probably explains their penchant for bigger everything. Bigger bucks, bigger farming, bigger tomatoes, you name it.

    Perhaps this is in their DNA as they’ve literally billions of sperm as opposed to women’s few 400 eggs..hence, I see in this very fact the difference between the female/quality aspect versus the male/quantity. Whenever you have zillions of anything, the quality suffers and the rareness element all but disappears… quality denotes a preciousness/ sacred ring to it.

    In essence, the answer to our problems ladies and gentlemen, is to focus more on the feminine side of things…
    choose quality over quantity whether it applies to big ag, big pharma or big financing. It is only when we return to that sacredness of which Joel speaks, will we return to sanity. This man is really in touch with the reality of NATURE and the spirit. Now to get women to realize that they never had to turn themselves into men in order to prove that they are women. A return to some sacred values and knowing the true essence of womanhood and manhood combined will be our real saving grace..not emphasis on quantity..that’s led to the road of hell. For far to many decades now, women have been “seeking expediency at the expense of quality”. The nightmare result of all this emphasis on quantity, as in more money, more things, more, more, more is that in it’s wake we have kids/families who eat poorly even when hugh amts of money are spent on food. And kids who live latchkeys abandoned lives.

    When mom is more concerned with the almighty $$$ than her family and the sacredness of her role, all suffer bigtime. Methinks that mother nature is bitch slapping the earth now as she has not been honored and her sacredness has been cast aside for too many decades while all to many worshipped the golden calf. And now we see that the golden calf, aka, goldman sucks, central banking taking from the middle class and giving to both the lower and uppermost classes…a pox on them all.

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