The Drive-Thru Makes the List of Evil Things to Ban

Monday, June 30, 2008
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Right across the river from Detroit, in Ontario, there’s another great government solution in the works.

…many Canadian municipalities are pondering whether they should ban new drive-thrus, in an effort to cut down on the emissions idling cars emit. But Windsor council isn’t likely to put a halt on doing business through the car window.

…City council (Windsor, ON) voted in 2004 to restrict new drive-thru restaurants from being built in residential areas, the downtown and business improvement areas. The bylaw also says drive-thru lanes must be at least 15 metres from a residential dwelling, and there must be a noise barrier installed.

To add a bit of humor to this craziness, the article notes that:

More than 200 people attended a city planning meeting to discuss restricting new drive-thrus last week. The meeting was rescheduled because the the size of the crowd breached fire codes.

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