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Saturday, February 22, 2003
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The Crazy Neocon: I’m already getting various letters asking who the crazy neocon is who obsesses on me and Lew and the whole paleo movement, yet who proceeds to keep reading us everyday, and apparently, who writes about us almost every day. It’s some guy named Gary Waltrip, and don’t ask me what website he’s from, or if he “belongs” to any particular www, because I had never heard of him before he did these hysterical paleo postings and cartoons (I actually laughed at the cartoon; see my previous post on that). All I know is what I’ve heard – secondhand – and that is that he’s a “Imperialist neo-confederate” !! Talk about a screwed up thought process. If there is anyone who should distrust the State, it should be the Southerners, who are trying to reclaim their heritage after nearly a century-and-a-half of smashing and PC policing at the hands of the State.

Someone mailed me and told me that this Waltrip moron actually believes he “bothers” me with his cartoons and hate mails and whatnot, when in fact I am such a veteran of this kind of low-brow rubbish, for so many years, that I have had a great time, especially ripping him to shreds, for one only has to look at his hilarious “paleo-analysis” to know that he is not up to par to debate Pamela Sue Anderson on one of her slower days. Bother me? He’s like a miniscule foreign object on my tush that needed to be removed with a swift slap — sorta like black fly season in Northern Michigan along the Lake Superior shoreline. Admittedly, there are a few moments, here and there, when yanking the chains of these types is’a little bit o fun. He, like all of the statists, hates that we hate war, and he hates that we don’t care what he hates. He hates that we laugh this stuff off, and he hates that we won’t waste our time debating him on his intellectually lacking, moral cause for war. Why in the heck would I waste my time? And even more so, he hates that we have a voice and that he doesn’t. This guy has the manners of a pig at the trough, and he shows it. And as I understand, I am not the only one to hear from this dim-witted attacker. Some people have far too much time on their hands I guess.

That black fly is off’a my tail, so now, on to the next Hater…

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