The Big Brown Nose (and the KDC anti-tush-kissing philosophy)

Tuesday, November 25, 2003
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I had a couple of people send this along to me this morning, looking for a comment from me. Hmmm. OK, I find this “ranking stuff” hilarious. Hits/Alexa rankings apparently don’t matter. Of course, it’s who you suck up to, whose boots you lick, who you “trade links” with, who you compliment time and time again to “stay in the circle” (watch the “libertarians” consistently give all kinds’o Big Love and Big Hugs to the statists), and who you become cyber-pals with. Libertarians constantly *raving* over the “greatness” and “well-thought-out positions” of statists like David Brooks, Andrew Sullivan, Gregg Easterbrook, Instapundit, etc., makes me nauseous, quite frankly. And yes, this is what they do to “stay popular,” and not get booted out of the Popularity Club.

Goodness, this high school-ish clique stuff is so pretentious and so boorish. A funny story about these birds that obsess on their blogosphere cliques: once, the guy from RightWingNews, who hated that my Alexa ranking was so high, told me that I must be “spiking my rating” or “gaming it up.” Uhhh, whatever that means, I said. And this comes from a guy who, almost every day, has a new “gimmick” (interview, contest, list, ranking, or whatever) to try and bring traffic to his website. And he is still ranked way behind me Alexa-wise. Actually, I’m obviously not involved in the blogrolling game, and I’m not a “pro” at blogrolling, as you’ll see by looking at my links. is a site that was originally meant to archive my papers and articles, along with future projects, and the blog is just a do-as-I-see-fit sort of thing on the side.

I could care less about links, and sorry, but when people write me to “trade links,” I typically do not respond, for I think that if someone is interested enough in my site to link to it, they will do so of their own volition, without having to ask for a backrub and foot massage in return. I don’t mean to insult people that ask to trade links, but my “links page” is for what I find interesting, or what I think people reading my site should be able to find, in order to gain access to a wide range of libertarian-paleo viewpoints. I am very particular about what goes on my links page, and I don’t want to “taint it” with blogrolling backrubs in order to curry favor with a certain sect of people, or to gain links back to me. I don’t care about being linked. I find nothing more appalling than “libertarians” cozying up to the Beltwayites and assorted other statists, in order to “be someone” in the blogosphere. Thanks but no thanks. My hit numbers speak quite loud and clear, and even that isn’t important as compared to whether or not I am informed on what I want to be informed on, and whether each new day has brought upon me some new knowledge that I did not have before. The growth of knowledge, the maintenance of principle, and spreading liberty is what is important to me.

Libertarianism is an ideological creed, one whose heritage based on a radical philosophy that stands for individual liberty and against the absolute central State; it is not a social club nor a lifestyle creed that looks to merely shake an angry, juvenile finger in the face of anyone who would tell someone what to do with their life. Shaking an angry finger at the world and announcing one’s independence does not make one a libertarian, and this is what most of the “libertarian” blogosphere has produced. I want no part of that.

As to folks who would like a link, I am always open to FYIs about your website, or suggestions on stuff I may have forgotten to link. However, I just do not have the time or inclination to get involved in blogosphere clique-o-rama and link-o-rama. The FYIs/suggestions from readers and scholars are invaluable to me. That is what matters to me, not kissing some you-know-what in order to be in the “popular crowd.” I didn’t do that stuff in high school, and I sure as heck ain’t going to start it now. I am a lone wolf, for the most part, and ’tis just the way it is.

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