The Amazing and Healthy Food Stamp Diet

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
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This is one of those things that make you think: real or satire? I’ve checked around, and everything I come up with seems to point to the fact that this ad really is a product of the federal government. If anyone finds anything different, let me know. This isn’t just a promotion of the welfare state; in fact, it is much more. It is an endorsement of the federal government’s grain-laden food pyramid, as well as the corporate state, corn-and-sugar, processed-food empire. Because no one on food stamps buys quality food. In fact, the food those folks tend toward buying is the cheapest, most processed, sugar-laden, economy food available on the market. But, according to this commercial, the welfare-and-food stamp set all look spectacular! Thanks to Travis Holte for the link.


When folks talk about the federalista food pyramid as vs. what they should really be eating, I always tell them, with the exception of the water and “sweets,” to print a large food pyramid and hang it upside down, and use this as a starter guide along the path to healthy and unpoliticized eating.


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5 Responses to The Amazing and Healthy Food Stamp Diet

  1. Mikester says:

    June 26th, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    I get food stamps and I do eat healthy with them. Sometimes the items I get in my food boxes are not corresponding to the ingredients needed to make them into full meals. For example, rice or pasta without soy or tomato sauce. With my food stamps I’m able to supply the missing ingredients to turn them into healthy meals.

    And yes, I admit to also buying snacks. I am still learning different ways to cook at home and prepare more healthy dishes. It’s very easy to choose the convenience of prepackaged foods – we are all prone to taking the path of least resistance when just a little more effort can be so much more rewarding.

    For example, I’ve been harvesting some of the seeds from old fruit and vegetables in my food boxes – they are a little past their prime for eating, but hopefully my little garden will produce more fresh ingredients without relying on charity. It’s one thing to point out the flaws in bad ideas, it’s another thing entirely to look for good ideas to replace them with.

  2. cory says:

    June 26th, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    I was in PetCo the other day and this *enormous* couple was buying  a dog food that could have come straight from Mark Sisson’s blog. I remarked to my wife that people will feed their dogs far better than they’ll feed themselves, but I’m not even sure that they know they are doing a poor job given the brainwashing in school and in the media. 

    Now, when people tell me that without food stamps old ladies will have to eat dog food, I’m going to say that they will probably improve their diet significantly over the government-recommended garbage their food stamps buy them.

  3. M. Terry says:

    June 27th, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Good post, Karen. I see a lot of folks around here using food stamps. Many, likely most, I see are morbidly obese – or on their way.

    Being mostly paleo/primal, my wife and I naturally check out the sugar and carb loaded shopping carts we see in the market. )Incidentally, I once imagined a contest where a shopping cart was matched with the correct shopper…)

    Incidentally, Cory, our dogs eat paleo. There’s now many dog food manufacturers producing grain-free dog food.

    Can’t help but think that the (insert favorite meat) and rice dog food helped kill one of my favorite dogs due to cancer.

    I have a dog that has lupus and going with grain-free paleo diet has demonstrably reduced the amount of medication we have to give her.

    The upside-down food pyramid is partially relevant to our canine friends as well. Consequently, due to ours and our dogs health, my wife is pretty much a crusader regarding the paleo/primal lifestyle.

    Me, not so much. I might mention it one time if it happens to be in the subject area of the conversation. But if one suffers from a genetic trait that is solely responsible for them being a “big fat hog” (according to acclaimed genetic researchers) –,691/ – I won’t even bring up the possibility of why one might choose a salad over a couple bags of chips, a dozen cupcakes, several pound cakes, all washed down with a couple gallons of Dr. Pepper.

  4. Shannon says:

    July 25th, 2012 at 3:17 am

    I could never understand the logic of what one can or cannot buy using food stamps.  For instance, one can purchase soda, snack cakes, cookies, potato chips, and candy but forget being able to buy toilet paper or soap.  Many of the foods purchased are high-carb, gluten filled foods that promote health problems.  If some of the users, stopped eating wheat and cut out soda it would do wonders for their health and reduce their grocery bill!

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