Thank You, Billy

Tuesday, September 7, 2004
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For this post attacking the twit Bainbridge. Beck never ceases to split my sides. This “Professor Bainbridge” moron, as I remember, attacked me some time ago in regards to some choice words I had about his beloved “war on terror.” He’s an Instapundit Soldier, and one of the worst Republican cheerleaders on the web. Says Beck:

Ladies and Gentlemen: it occasionally reaches my ear that some of you are mystified by my attitude — you complain about me being “nasty”, etc., ad barfium.

I am not going to explain to you why a slug like Bainbridge would be well-served with a two-by-four laid directly across the bridge of his spectacles with enough force to rivet his attention on his rotten hypocrisy. He’s gonna make all this pious noise about an “ownership society” after calling for the summary theft of peoples’ automobiles?

Just shut up and get the fuck outta here, already.

Billy, you *can* be nasty, indeed! But it’s a part’a being honest.

Hey, I love attacks like this. 14-hour workdays necessarily needs stuff like this. I got off’a workin’ all day, rode the Harley in the cool breeze, cleared my head, visited some friends ’til late, and made a martini. Then I surfed and laughed. Look at this goddamn fascist. I’d like to drive my gas-guzzlin’ GMC, extended cab, 4-wheel-drive, 1/2 ton up his ass, and then park it on his lawn and brake torque the damn thing. Shut up, Bainbridge, and do your Heil Hitlers somewhere else pal. Here’s my anti-Bainbridgemobile, parked somewhere in Kentucky. Almost a quarter of a million miles, and I’ll keep her in service just to piss off fascist fools like Bainbridge:


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