Thank God for Winter?

Tuesday, November 30, 2004
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No, but thank God for Starbucks and its holiday season “gingerbread latte.”


Another (and newer) Starbucks tradition is its new spot on XM satelitte radio. If you like the music you hear in a Starbucks – is that great laptop research music, or what? – then you’ll like channel 75 on XM.


XM and Starbucks: what a great combination.

Now this is what I am waiting for here in Michigan.


It’ll be a long wait, ‘cuz this blue collar haven is never going to see a “Hear Music” coffehouse complete with a “listening bar.” A listening bar? Yep,

the Listening Bar is the place for insightful discussions and the digitally-enabled exploration of music. Special features, like our library of boxed sets, allow you to delve deeper into your musical interests and find new favorites. At the Listening Bar, the hub of the Hear Music Coffeehouse, you can even make your own tailored compilation

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