Ted Kennedy, Looter

Friday, August 28, 2009
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From Massachusetts reader Charlie comes this superb obituary:

Here in the suburbs of Boston, it is quite a laugh to turn on the boob tube and watch all the pansies, panty waists, pussies, and toy gun-hating, servile she-males of both sexes slobbering past the coffin of the dim-witted black sheep of the Irish Gambino family.
“Oh Kennedy could have laid about and lived off his money, but he chose to spend his life helping people.” Helping people my Aunt Fanny! If this fat, arrogant witness-tampering (read Senatorial Privilege) tyrant really wanted to help people he could have used his money to set up a foundation to dispense money for whatever noble causes he liked. If people liked his foundation’s work they cold have volunteered their own time and money to help. But did he? No! He forced people to turn over their money – the Hyannis Port Corleone’s refer to it as resources – to his worldly passions. The aforementioned pussies et al call this charity.

They also call the Kennedy’s good Catholics! The Killer Kennedy Klan throws the booboisie a few table scraps and they think it is a five course meal at Buckingham Palace. Yesterday the hearse containing his ample earthly remains was driven around Boston “so he could see for one last time all the sights in town he loved” as some local TV anchor gushed. It was probably the first time his mortal coil saw the city from a motor vehicle when he was not either sloshed or being serviced by a buxom blonde. As a friend of mine said yesterday. I pray for his soul, but will not celebrate his life. Sic semper tyrannis!

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4 Responses to Ted Kennedy, Looter

  1. Jeannie Queenie says:

    August 29th, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    While cleaning my studio this morning, I had the latest Boston big news event on..that of Sir Edward’s funeral replete with former and present president’s, family and friends. As I listened and watched this parade, I couldn’t help but think this is the big H day for Ted…will it be Heaven or Hell? The one H that came to mind was the one that stands for Hypocrisy…starting with the Chancellor from Boston College/Jesuit school speaking so warmly of the Kennedy’s and their “charity”, and their concern for the lesser among us……No 1 hypocrisy on the Boston RC church’s part was the musical priests they played for years while pedophile priests got away with murder. Then at last, it caught up with the church to the tune of over $1 billion paid out to victims and parents of this heinous crime at the hands of misogynist Mary-loving monsters. So much for charity when they were forced to close churches all over the Boston area to cover their asses (which was something new for them—covering them that is)! For all of this Bernard Law/Cardinal was rewarded (with shuffling sick priests from parish to parish) with a post at the Vatican. It was the least among them that got the short end of the stick here…both poor parishioners who cling to a god that brings them hope, for they had churches disappear…and then the victims, some of whom took their lives as a result of a sacred trust that tortured their spirits and souls. Hypocrisy came to mind too when I saw all the Kennedy women there with their lack of makeup, long, straight, lacklustre hair, sexless in demeanor, all of them. Like a great many females in the Northeast, they feel that they are not women unless they are first and foremost men. So sad. It was then I finally understood why the men were all womanizers and philanderers..the women in their quest to achieve sainthood in the RC Church via all their goodwork/charitable works was dictated by a misogynist clergy looking to suck off parishioners much like liberals want to steal from us. So if you were a philandering, rich Catholic and politically connected, your ‘sins’ were forgiven and it was the woman’s duty to do double duty in the charity dept, for as we all know, the church teaches that charity covers a multitude of sins. On the lighter side were Ted’s kids/nephews/nieces all with touching stories to share of Ted’s good side as the patriarch who had to fill in for all his long gone brothers…for that he is to be admired, for he really did love and care for them all, or so it seems. The most touching story was that of Ted’s son who lost his leg. His father got him out on a ski hill and told him he would manage to do just fine as the son struggled thinking his life was over for sure at 12 years of age minus a leg. Ted said they would stay there all day if need be until his son made strides, and make strides his son did that day on that slope. The message to his son was that nothing is impossible and that we each must overcome our own trials. A thoughtful remark indeed, and yet, I saw the irony of that remark when juxtaposed against his leftist, liberal, aggrievement stance of the democrats. One cannot help but wonder why he advocated one thing for his son, yet did not expect the same from the general citizenry. Something is out of sync when you can tell your own kid that they will overcome tribulations, but then scream to the world that every “woe is me” out there should be picked up by us. His final legacy will be the sad one that he preached one thing to his family, and spoke in a different vein for the general population. What a hugh difference he could have made if he had preached that to the choir too.

  2. Bruce says:

    August 30th, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    Day after day, non-stop ‘Kennedy TV’. Every hour, every news show, every cable show, more and more and Kennedy TV. Interview after interview with every Kennedy ‘loyalist’ (whatever that is) extolling how great Teddy was. How our nation was changed for the better. How hard it will be to go on without him. (right!) Wall to wall coverage of the funeral. Commentaries by every columnist and reporter and anchor who ever appeared on camera in history.

    I’m actually looking forward to infomercials after this!

  3. jesse says:

    September 1st, 2009 at 9:08 am

    Surely, I am not the 1st to wonder how many taxdollars were spent “securing” the day’s events, perimeters, trafficking politicians, managing civilians, and all the other sacrosanct state activities.

    As much as I am aware of the nature of the state and the mentality of its willing servants, I am still amazed by it all.

  4. Tomás says:

    September 3rd, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    Stay on topic much Jeannie Queenie?

    We got it. You don’t like The Church. Start your own blog for crying out loud instead of hijacking the comments section.

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