Teacher Can’t Spell but She’s Teaching Your Kiddies

Sunday, December 17, 2006
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A true story from my friend Sheryl. The kiddies had a Christmas party at (public) school, and the mothers showed up to bring food, participate, etc. So the kids are going to play Christmas bingo, and her son’s fifth-grade teacher asks the kids to raise their hands, offer some Christmas words, and she will write them on the board for use in bingo. The first child raises her hand and offers up misseltoe misteltoe mistletoe. The teacher says “Now if you want to use a word like that, you have to go look up the spelling in the dictionary.” Sheryl whispers to her son to use a word she had taught him……”Say abominable, Joey.” Joey raises his hand, teacher calls on him, and Joey says “abominable,” as in the Abominable Snowman. The teacher got frustrated and angry and replied, “Joey, you need to look up that spelling in the dictionary. Now you kids need to give me words that I can spell.” The third Christmas word – which my friend did not quite hear – also threw her for a loop, and at that point she started to get bitchy and demanded “simple” words. So this box of rocks felt no shame whatsoever at not being able to keep up with her fifth graders. Sheryl said all the mothers just stood there, acting in concert with the teacher, as if they, as women, were not expected to know any better. How sad, how pathetic it is – the state of what some people call “education” in Amerrikka. Anybody can get a wimpy bachelor’s in education, making “certification” nothing more than a bad joke. And everywhere you go there are parents who don’t have a clue themselves, further entrenching The System as the ideal training ground for young minds.

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