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Someone In the Medical Establishment Gets it Right

Saturday, December 18, 2010 15:36 9 Comments

Someone call 911 (okay, don’t send me 911 jokes): I am in shock.┬áNews flash: some truth from the medical establishment. This comes from the Harvard School of Public Health: “If Americans could eliminate sugary beverages, potatoes, white bread, pasta, white rice and sugary snacks, we would wipe out almost all the problems we have with [...]

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Let Taco Bell Help You Get Healthy

Sunday, January 10, 2010 16:46 7 Comments

Via the Living Primal blog, I came across this Taco Bell ad for the “Drive-Thru Diet.” The Drive-Thru Diet, of course, places its emphasis on avoiding “fat.” Taco Bell gives you “7 incredible options” that contain less than 9 grams of fat. Yet here’s the nutritional information: Chicken, Southwest Chicken Breast Meat With Rib Meat, [...]

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