Swine Flu Hysteria to Be Launched Again

Saturday, May 30, 2009
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The day that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declared a national emergency due to a few swine flu outbreaks almost seems like a front-page story from The Onion. Since this “national emergency” lost traction and the swine flu hysteria became nothing more than pesky chattiness, the agents of hysteria have been frustrated at the result of their plans for mass hysteria. But Big Government ain’t giving up on this one just yet.

There’s still hysteria to be spread for the purpose of 1) grabbing more powers for government due to the appearance of an extraordinary crisis that is sweeping America and the world, and, even more so, 2) there is still billions to be made for the vaccine producers in the Big Government-Big Pharma corporate state. Hence this story in the Wall Street Journal:

Over the next several months, the new H1N1 flu virus is likely to continue to spread around the world, reaching into the southern hemisphere along with winter, then possibly staging a resurgence in the northern hemisphere come fall.

Hundreds of thousands of people could fall sick, and some will die. Public health officials will scramble to minimize the damage, as governments and drug makers continue to invest millions of dollars in a potential vaccine.

…U.S. and global officials are also pushing ahead to prepare a vaccine against the H1N1 virus, even though they haven’t decided whether or not to go ahead with mass production of shots. The U.S. government said last week it’s setting aside $1 billion for clinical studies and the production of two bulk ingredients to be placed in a federal stockpile in case vaccine production goes ahead.

The message is that, yes, the flu has died out, but that was a strain more harmless than experts first thought. The more virulent bug that could “strike with a vengeance” is still to come. The fearmongers don’t want to people to go about their lives without putting aside a special little place in their minds for their assorted potential crises.

So, what do we do today? Do we invest in Big Pharma stocks and wear little surgical masks out in public, or do we build a bomb shelter in preparation for a strike from Iran or North Korea?


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