Sugar Kills: Americans are addicted

Thursday, December 19, 2002
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Sugar Kills: Americans are addicted to sugar. Adult onset diabetes is nearly an epidemic here, as some doctors say. Though I revel in the glory of American food choices and marketing fun, at the same time I am baffled at what it takes to get people to buy food. I note that ketchup bottles are now coming in these colorful, kiddie-looking, cartoon-covered bottles in green or bright red, as an enticement to those who apparently need this level of severe visual stimulation in order to be induced to eat that particular food. Many products appear to be using “cute”, colorful, or cartoon-type packaging in order to entice adults to buy them.

Dr. Atkins notes, “As part of its Funky Fries line, Heinz 57 is rolling out frozen french fries whose slender nutritional profile is enhanced by the addition of chocolate and cinnamon sugar. Applesauce enhanced with sweet strawberry flavor is now manufactured in a tube so that with the dexterous opposition of thumb and forefinger, you can press out some extra carbs just about anywhere you happen to be. Chocolate pudding has made it into a tube as well. And chocolate-covered caramel popcorn has arrived.”

All in all, people are far too fat, too sedentary, and too lazy to cook good food, as evidenced by the tremendous restaurant boom in the last decade. My thoughts are–with all the glorious specialty stores in existence, who wouldn’t want to cook? My favorite is Nino Salvaggies, a Fruit, Meat, & Vegetable/Specialty Foods market in southeastern Michigan. I can spend an hour or more at Salvaggios, perusing the meat, fish, herb, and international product departments looking for inspiration for new, low-carb recipes.

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