Sudha Shenoy, RIP

Sunday, June 8, 2008
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I have been too busy to blog, so I missed out commenting on the passing of Sudha Shenoy in a timely manner. She was a hero of mine. Only people who knew her well or were exposed to her unbelievable comments on the email list would know that Sudha was truly one of the greatest living scholars in the Austro-libertarian tradition. And I say this without hesitation: David Gordon is perhaps the only person I know of who had a deeper knowledge bank than Sudha Shenoy. She knew everything. Any topic on that list – any topic at all – and Sudha would come back with dozens of cites and facts and insightful comments that would leave you knowing she was some special genius.

I had planned to interview her for sometime this summer. Her father, the great economist B.R. Shenoy, taught economics to my webmaster’s (Amar Trivedi) father. Amar, in a letter to me, notes how the power of ideas, along with a great mentor, can change one’s entire outlook on freedom and evil.

Really sad news. Even though I never met Dr. Sudha Shenoy and saw Prof. Shenoy only once in my life – the respect and reverence my father had for Prof. Shenoy always made me feel close to the family. My father was highly inspired by Prof. Shenoy and his teachings and turned from a believer in socialistic welfare economic policies at one time to a proponent of free-market economics later on in his life. This transformation occurred after my father worked with Prof. Shenoy. A great teacher not only influences his or her student but an entire generation. My siblings and I grew up listening to my father making a case for free-market economy and constantly warning us to overlook the emotional appeal of government programs and dig deeper to analyze the cause and effect.

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