Students Create Hate Crimes For Fun and Race-Baiting

Friday, February 26, 2016
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The hate crime brouhaha that surrounded this event at the University of Albany became the usual pc, anti-white, everyone-is-racist, hate crime divisiveness. Now the truth has come out. From the Washington Post:

When Ariel Agudio called 911 in January, she told a dispatcher that she had been the victim of a racially charged crime.

“They were calling us [N-word] and all this stuff,” Agudio told a dispatcher,the Albany Times Union reported. “And if someone doesn’t come and take this down or something, I’m going to call the news.”

Agudio, Alexis Briggs and Asha Burwell, all three 20-year-old black students at the State University of New York at Albany, claimed they had been targeted by a group of white men and women on a bus at about 1 a.m. on Jan. 30.

The three black students face criminal charges because investigations showed that the so-called “hate crime” was not only faked, but video footage showed the three black students assaulted a white woman, trying to make it appear as if they were the “victims” of a racial hate crime. Said police:

“The evidence shows that, contrary to how the defendants originally portrayed things, these three individuals were not the victims of a crime. Rather, we allege that they are the perpetrators.”

So I ask – who are the real racists? Even Hillary jumped on the bandwagon, tweeting this on February 4th before any of the facts of the case were revealed. The state, with its politicization of race and sanctioning of victimology, is the single greatest perpetuator of institutionalized racism.

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