Stonewall Jackson: The Black Man’s Friend

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
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Author Richard G. Williams, Jr., a scholar of the War of Northern Aggression, sent me this promo of his new book:

In 1856, a dramatic religious revival swept through the sleepy Blue Ridge mountain village of Lexington, Virginia. Scores were converted. The revival left additional consequences in its wake: a prayer warrior who suffered a stroke, revitalized educational institutions, churches filled with new converts, and a black Sunday school class that would impact history for generations. Read about this most unusual story in Richard G. Williams, Jr.’s latest book, Stonewall Jackson~The Black Man’s Friend.

Professor James I. Robertson, Jr., noted Jackson scholar & biographer, writes in the foreword: “Jackson’s extraordinary relationship with African Americans in the Slave South and in the Confederacy deserves a book of its own. That is what Richard Williams has produced. Exhaustively researched, teeming with useful nuggets, and written with an undertone of faith that Jackson himself would have admired, this study clears the air of a lot of myth

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