Stewardship is One of the Ultimate Freedoms

Monday, December 24, 2012
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Isn’t it exciting to see the head-scratching going on as libertarians slowly begin to embrace earth stewardship as one of the ultimate freedoms? Not the current version of environmentalism mind you (EnviroCommunism), but real conservation such as that practiced by food freedomist farmers all over America, and the world, who utilize pasture-based, grass-fed, and rotational grazing practices to bring extraordinary products to market to meet the rising demand for non-industrial food.

Joel Salatin recently spoke at the second annual Ancestral Health Society conference at Harvard. Until recently, the paleo-primal crowd was slow to adopt Joel, and the food politics issue as a whole, as a topic of major importance in the drive to spread the knowledge and glory of ancestral health. There are three distinct movements that are slowly beginning to merge:

(1) paleo-primal /ancestral health (2) food freedomists /activists who battle on the political front lines, and (3) libertarians who are coming to understand that the Big Agra-Big Government-Big Medical complex is anything but free market.

Could it be that these three distinct movements are coming together? Oh no, say it isn’t so, say the Libertarianoids. That means they can no longer worship at the alter of Big Food, Big Pharma, the Conventional Medical Establishment, and the subsidized-politicized-cheapenized industrial food machine. See my LRC interview on these topics with Ilana Mercer (Part I). Follow me on Twitter @karendecoster.

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