Statist Women To Admire and Other Idol Worship

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Robert Wenzel has a funny post at his website. He notes that with March being “Women’s History Month,” the Treasury Department, “in partnership with The White House Council on Women and Girls, will convene a Women in Finance Symposium in celebration of Women’s History Month.” Here’s his point:

It is very instructive to review the list of¬†women invited to the symposium. It’s all about government employees, women in government captured media and, of course, women from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley¬†and Citi Bank.

The symposium is nothing more than yet another self-congratulatory event where a gaggle of government thieves gather to slap each others back and eat big-ticket foods and drink overpriced wine at the expense of the plundered taxpayers who, for the most part, loathe them. In their make believe world, they are the creator of everything that is good and successful.

In a related case of worshipping those who cash a government paycheck, the March 22, 2010 issue of Fortune magazine runs a cover that says “Meet the New Face of Business Leadership.” The photo is that of a soldier, with rifle and camouflage, and a subtitle of “Why Companies Like Wal-Mart, Pepsico, and GE Are Recruiting The Military’s Elite.” The article highlights several young veterans with corporate jobs handed to them on the basis of their “military elite” status. One ex-soldier, now working at Northrop Grumman, is even pointing his rifle at the camera. I hope he doesn’t conduct employee evaluations in a similar manner!

Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE (Government Enterprise), is a focus of the article. Immelt has built up GE’s relationship with West Point and the military, and as a large player in the military-industrial state, GE likes to hire ex-military types to appease his pals in government. The whole focus of the article is that the government and war, and its military academies, produce great leaders who are “stars waiting to happen.” Front line combat veterans are especially sought after because they are products of unconventional warfare, leading to their “independent and adaptive thinking.”

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