State Control and the Psychotropic Drug Culture: The Heroic Gary Null Expose

Sunday, May 27, 2007
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If you are too different, too energetic, or seem in any way agitated, you will fall under the gaze of the “helping profession.” This is a statement by an MD. In fact, the number of kids on mind-altering, psychotropic drugs doubled between 1995 and 2000.

From neorologist Fred Baugman: “ADHD is a means of making paying patients out of normal individuals. And once kids are put on these medications – most of whom never come off them – the pharmaceutical companies have lifetime pain patients. That’s what’s behind the epidemic.”

Null asks the easy question: Why is it that when the baby boomer generation grew up, they weren’t taking psychotropic drugs, comitting suicide, shooting up classrooms, and weren’t disgnosed with all of these disorders? The answer, of course, is that we are witnessing an unprecedented level of state control over personal behavior. Crises are formulated through scaremongering, and these crises are “solved” by the central planners who are enabled by the federal government through the use of totalitarian decrees. And that, along with the government-pharmaceutical corporatocracy, is creating the lifetime pain patients as mentioned by Dr. Baugman. Null also discusses how this exponential step-up in the drugging of children goes hand-in-hand with the growth of the state’s most favored “private” industry – the pharmaceutical industry. As one doctor notes, these “diseases” (ADD and ADHD) all of a sudden appear out of nowhere, and it’s oftentimes considered to be “genetic.”

As one educational consultant in the video explains, teachers are given nine categories of unacceptable behavior (not sitting still, not focusing, not sharing, and other evil behaviors from young childern with natural energy). If a child demonstrates six of these “behaviors,” that child is on the road to having the state diagnose him with ADD. In diagnosing ADD, the main symptom, the main driver of ADD and the need for potent drugs, as considered by the Psychiatric Association manual, is this: “Child often fidgets with hands or feet and squirms in seat.” An MD in the video reads this right from the manual.

This video is very long, and it is truly shocking, even for those of us who do already understand what this is all about.

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