Some Words on Hate Mail:

Saturday, February 22, 2003
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Some Words on Hate Mail: The hate mail us writers receive is numerous, and for me, the worst of it comes from three main groups: warmongers, anti-SUVers, and the feminists.

Some neocon, war-loving creep recently writes me a sarcastic, insulting e-mail, and in the process, he proceeds to analyze the entire paleoconservative/paleolibertarian movement (as if they are one??) in his know-nothing, 85-IQ mode, and in fact, ravages (no problem; what else is new?), but then proceeds to personally insult Lew Rockwell in a very shoddy way. His out-of-control hate was disgusting and crazed. I had never heard of this guy until a week ago, but apparently, he is one of these warmongering jackasses who is writing paleos and/or libertarians and insulting them, and he is purporting to be one of the new “paleowatchers” out there.

To all you paleo-haters, libertarian haters, haters, and whatnot: if you are going to “watch” us, and then purport to, uh, “analyze” us, do your homework first, and try not to look so uninformed. Then, if you proceed to write me to personally insult my colleagues in the movement, you have made yourself into an absolute moron in my eyes. Folks, here’s a warning: I don’t have time for low-brow hate mails and insult throwing, and in fact, 90% of the time, you will get a “delete” two paragraphs into your written sewage. And if you are one of the 10% who gets a response to your sewage, for whatever reason (oh ok, sometimes I have fun with hate mail), do expect it to be every bit as insulting as what you sent me. Oh yeah, and by the way, if you started the process by e-mailing me, YOU are the problem. And when many of us writers are getting the same type of hate mails from the same people, it kind of proves out your mentality.

As libertarian writers tend to agree, the neocon warmongers are the most obsessive, crazed, hateful, vicious group of folks out on the web, or elsewhere. They don’t read, they don’t do research, they don’t know their theory and history, they don’t know a darn thing about anything and they don’t know that they don’t know, and all they can do is hurl retarded insults and threats at us. (Yes, they threaten to “publicly” berate us. Ohhh–shakin’ in my boots.) They HATE that we despise the State and its wars, and they hate that we won’t sell out and give in to their position on Iraq. But the great chuckle here is that when we writers respond back in kind, meaning with the same tone of voice that they gave us, we get spanked for having insulted them back. Nothing is funnier then getting back their *shocked* reply implying “how dare you talk to me like I talked to you?” Gotta admit, sometimes it’s fun to mess with these folks ;^)

We rarely bother with these creepy neocons, except a few of the high-placed neocons who regularly do battle with the libertarians. But somehow, these other guys come out of nowhere to bother us, obsess on us, e-mail us constantly, they blog about obsessively, they post about LRC writers day after day, they write Lew obsessively, they send Lew pro-war materials, they insult him to me, they insult me to X, they insult X to Y, and so on and so on. I’d say it’s time for these guys to get their own websites if they want to promote their hatred so badly, and indeed, maybe they should stop reading and stop sending hate mail. Or they can think about getting a life.

The thing is, after many years of this you become immune to any and all hate mail and its contents, including the stuff that personally threatens you or your family (and yes, we do get that). It becomes like brushing a mosquito off of your arm. What is so genuinely funny, and what tickles the folks at LRC so much is that all these folks purport to hate Lew and his site, but they come back to read it every single day. Well if you hate it so much, why are you reading it? And if you hate me, why are you writing me? It’s getting pretty clear, isn’t it? Indeed, it’s a sign of our moral victory.

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