Social (Un)Security: “We’ll Keep Your Dough.”

Thursday, May 30, 2013
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With the recent death of a family member on the 26th of the month, I was reminded of a special provision for social security that gives the government a free pass for a last moment of theft, and that’s after a lifetime of theft under the guise of overseeing one’s “security.” The provision essentially states that in the month of death, a person shall not receive any benefits for that month for the days that person was alive. Here is the provision (bold is mine):

Social Security benefits are not pro-rated. To be entitled to a Social Security benefit check for a given month, the person must be alive the entire month. No benefit is payable for the month of death.

This provision has been in the law since 1939 and can be changed only by an amendment to the Social Security Act. The legislative history of this provision does not show why benefits are not payable for the month of death.

In other words, the government, unlike private interests, doesn’t have to pro-rate a last check to this individual’s family or estate, even though that individual earned the 26 days of benefits that were stolen over his or her lifetime, and even though there is still 26 days of rent and other bills that have to be paid on the part of the deceased person. It may be small dollars to some, but in total, if this amount was quantified on an annual basis for all deceased slaves whose monies were kept by the state, you can bet the amount of booty is substantial.

Meanwhile, a call to the private pension administrator reveals the expected proration of pension benefits, including the date of death. Only the state is licensed to steal all across the board, and in a stealthy manner so that the population of slaves will never notice, let alone dispute.

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One Response to Social (Un)Security: “We’ll Keep Your Dough.”

  1. Lisa says:

    May 30th, 2013 at 9:18 pm

    My dad passed away in the middle of the month. SS sent a threatening letter to my grieving mom demanding she send a check for the extra days of SS he got. They threatened to take from her SS check if she did not pay up immediately–the letter sounded like they would even take more money than my dear dad was overpaid.

    So she quickly sent in a check, like a good (scared) citizen, for $110. When they cashed it, it cleared $1,100–somehow they added a zero to the end, thus nearly cleaning out my mom’s bank account. Thank God she was then living with me and didn’t have rent or groceries to worry about. It took about a year to get the money back.

    Thanks SS. My mom had cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and took my dad’s death very hard–then she had all this red tape and bother to deal with.

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