So Bloody Hilarious It All Is

Saturday, February 19, 2005
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Someone forwarded another remarkably erroneous CrazyLand post about me last night. Once again, my cyber-stalking Fan Club claims to know all the details of my personal life. Those who converse with and write me, know who/what I am talking about. Ahhh yes, how I shake my head and laugh and laugh and laugh. They hate it that, outside of a few personal interests pertaining to music, fitness, or hobbies, they know nothing at all about me, because my personal life is just that: personal, and none of anybody’s goddamn business. Some of us out there have boundaries. Amazing. Life tidbits won’t ever get written about here, oh Glorious Desperados, so they can keep taking their wild shots at who and what I am, and *what is*, because they are burying their bullets in the haystack waaaay behind the bullseye.

But they are making me look so awfully damn good all the time, so let ‘em shoot away. I’m lovin’ the error of their ways, the inaccuracy of their pseudo-biographies on me, and the assassinity of their frustration. Being the nice person I am, I shall give them one personal tidbit to chew on. As the Russian lady who tailors my clothes said to me: “you are an exact size 4.” In the meantime, keep dreamin’ little darlings.

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