Size Matters

Thursday, October 30, 2003
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The size of one’s brussel sprouts matters, of course.


The great thing about the Midwest in October-November is brussel sprout pickin’ time – straight off the farm. These babies are worth waiting all year for. This time of year I’ll turn green after the consumption of these on a daily basis. To show how gargantuan these things are, I have my dog Hershey posing with them.



My folks always tease me, all winter long, about how warm and sunny it is where they live. Well, well, well – my time to tease them about the fact that I am still harvesting gorgeous, Midwest tomatoes from my garden, and pickin’ these brussel sprouts. Hey Mom, I picked a dozen delicious Better Boys and Beefsteaks from the garden yesterday! HeHeHeHeHe.

Love ya Mom and Dad.

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