Simply Heroic Self-Defense Case

Saturday, May 8, 2004
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Why didn’t this make national news? Believe it or not, a heroic self-defense shooting hardly made the news even where it happened: Detroit.

Barbara Holland is a black woman living in Detroit. Clabe Hunt was a black man. Clabe entered her small, used car dealership one day, asking all sorts of strange questions, and then left. Barbara is a woman with a concealed weapons permit – the only kind of woman to be, by the way. Barbara felt great unease after Hunt’s visit. Carrying her 9mm in a holster on her person, she checked to make sure the gun was loaded and ready to go before she left the dealership that evening. This is a lady with tremendous situational awareness, folks.

Upon entering her side door, she was ambushed by the scumbag Hunt. Her teenage daughter heard the commotion, and ran and hid. As she tried closing the door on him, he slammed the door back at her, knocking her on her back. She drew from her holster and emptied a load of lead into his head, killing him.

Here’s a remark from the intruder’s (would-be killer’s) family:

“I’m not necessarily mad at her, but I don’t know enough. Why unload the gun on him?”

‘Scuse me? Why unload the gun on him? Perhaps to stave off death for her and her daughter? Good enough reason? Or maybe she should have sat down and interviewed him first, asking him his intentions?

Here’s the would-be killer’s background:

Hunt’s five children range in age from 27 to 2, his sister said. (Oh, and he was only 42 years old, btw.)

He lived near 8 Mile and I-75 and was not working. Before going to prison in 1985 for armed robbery, he had attended the now-closed Northeastern High School in Detroit but never graduated.

He was released on parole in 1996, went back in a year later for violating parole and spent 1999 through 2002 in a halfway house, according to state Department of Corrections records.

The shooting was hushed up, of course. It was heroic because Barbara Holland is a poster child for Michigan’s “shall issue” CCW laws, which are intended to allow individuals to protect themselves, and others, from murderous, dirtbag slugs like Clabe Hunt. The “for the children” gang fought the passing of these laws a few years ago, but to no avail.

I can’t get over this gal’s total preparation, awareness level, and ability to act exactly right under extreme duress. She was simply outstanding.

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