Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Sunday, April 26, 2009
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This story is more of the same crap: don’t dare defend your property, and don’t even defend you if you “think a threat doesn’t exist.” Self-defense “advocates” who fall into this trap and market this bullshit are useless. I’m tired of the Politically Correct Guides to Self-Defense. If someone is ever in my house, the intentions are very, very bad, especially if they know I am home. They sure as hell will shoot me over my belongings so why not shoot them over my belongings? And it’s about more than belongings. Women have the disadvantage that once a man gets his hands on her in a home invasion situation like that, it’s over. Unless you get very lucky or are trained in the martial arts (and know specific attacking moves), a woman can almost never win a hand-to-hand combat situation with any man because size and upper body strength comparisons put us at such a disadvantage. A man can easily strangle a woman to death based on hand and arm strength advantages.

By the way, I never go into my shower without a piece – usually a handgun, or a rifle/shotgun if I’m in the mood for it.


From the Albuquerque Journal, April 23, 2009 (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Go Ahead, Make My Day

By Vic Vela
Journal Staff Writer

Standing soaking wet while clutching a bath towel around her with one hand and a hoisting .44 magnum revolver with the other, Lisa Gallegos was determined “to not be a victim” when two burglars broke home Wednesday morning.

“I just wasn’t gonna let them rob me,” the 41-year-old Eldorado woman told the Journal. “I have two kids and I have to, I want to protect them.”

Gallegos’ children were not at home about 10:20 a.m. when intruders disturbed her morning bath and began ransacking her house. When she realized what was happening, she jumped out of the tub and went into her bedroom, where she kept her gun.

One of the burglars saw Gallegos and moved toward her. But that was before he saw the large revolver in her hand.

“I was gonna shoot him if he came an inch closer,” she said. “In my mind I didn’t want to shoot someone, but I know if I show a gun I better be prepared to use it.”

Gallegos ended up shooting at both men outdoors as they were fleeing her house. She didn’t hit either of the intruders, but she thinks she sent a message when she fired bullets into the SUV they drove off in: Don’t come back.

“I don’t think they are,” she said. “I doubt it.”

Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies arrived at Gallegos’ home shortly afterward but were unable to find the would-be thieves. Undersheriff Robert Garcia said there was no evidence that anyone was shot, even though Gallegos said one of the men fell to the ground after she fired.

“It would have caused some major damage if she hit someone,” Garcia said of the long-barreled Ruger revolver she used to scare off the burglars.

Garcia said nothing was taken from the home.

“I think I would be running like a jackrabbit, too, if I saw something like that,” Garcia said.

Gallegos told deputies that she saw shadows through the drapes of her bathroom as she was bathing, but at first wasn’t concerned because she thought her father-in-law had arrived, according to Garcia.

But Gallegos then heard noises inside the home that alarmed her, sounds that might have been her front door being kicked open. She then hopped out of the tub, wrapped herself in a towel and ran toward her bedroom – located next to the bathroom – where she grabbed her gun and made her way toward the noises.

“It was like a story happening,” she said. “Instead of reality.”

The first intruder ran toward the door when he saw Gallegos was armed. She followed him outside and shot three times at the late-1990′s model, navy-blue SUV he was about to drive away in.

She then heard the second intruder jump out of a bedroom window and saw the man running toward the vehicle that his partner-in-crime was driving away in. She fired shots at him, too.

Gallegos said she followed them out the door and fired her gun because she didn’t know if they were going to grab a weapon from the SUV and come back to harm her.

“I’m standing here in my bath towel and there’s two men inside my house and I don’t know what they’re going to do to me next,” she said. “I thought, ‘That’s why I have to shoot so they know I’m not playing. Don’t you dare come back in my house.’ “

Gallegos described the men as being Hispanic and in their 20s, each standing about 5-foot-9 and weighing 180 pounds. She was able to provide investigators with a partial license plate of the SUV. The case will remain under investigation by the sheriff’s office.

Garcia said he understands that Gallegos was trying to protect herself but said she could have handled things differently once she knew the men were fleeing the scene.

“I’m glad she did not hit someone because the threat was no longer there,” he said. “I’m glad she wasn’t hurt, but we don’t recommend shooting at someone (who is) going away. But I can’t put myself in their situation in terms of how they feel after being violated.”

In retrospect, Gallegos said she “learned my lesson.”

“I should have let them go once I saw they weren’t a threat anymore,” she admitted. “I’m glad I didn’t shoot the guy, and I’m glad I hesitated long enough to let him leave.”

Still, Gallegos, a volunteer firefighter who runs her own construction business, said she was furious that she was violated. “They’re taking my stuff,” she said. “I work hard for this stuff. It’s just not right.”

Garcia said the intruders caught a break. “Those two burglars are very lucky,” he said. “But will it stop them from (breaking into another home) again? I doubt it.”

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