She Worked Herself Out of a Job

Saturday, April 9, 2016
Posted in category Health Tyranny

A socialist policy wonk dies by the blade of her own sword. It’s not surprising given the obvious horridness of socialized medicine. What I find striking is what you see a lot of in socialist European countries: the absolute decrepit and disgusting condition of her teeth in spite of living in a wealthy, 1st-world, western region. This is the result of rationed, low-quality, government-managed non-care.

Under the British system individuals have to register with public dentists, and the dentists are paid on a per-patient basis, leading to a volume-based methodology that completely ignores the basic rules of patience beneficence. Plus, the wait times can be atrocious¬†as the NYT once reported, leading to a huge “do-it-yourself-dentistry” industry.¬†This is criminal and deplorable, and Herr Obama and his central planning cronies have put Americans on the same path to subservient hell.

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