Saving the Children

Tuesday, September 4, 2012
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Doing cartwheels and handstands has been banned at a Syndey, Australia primary school … unless the child is “supervised by a trained gymnastics supervisor.” A snippet from the article says, “A department spokesman said the ban was to prevent, and not in response to, playground injuries.”

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2 Responses to Saving the Children

  1. jeannie queenie says:

    September 4th, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    How nice it would be for Australia to ban entities that will do their children far more harm than cartwheels, like kicking moe butts out of their country. Seems the aussies aren’t doing any better job than US whitey on reproducing, while moe mamas push those puppies out five to one whitey…won’t be long before you see more moes hopping around then kangaroos. If you really want to learn more about what is taking place in the world of koalas/kanagroos, no better place then–

    I guess I was misled to think all this time that aussie guys had brass pairs, but methinks it must have been a myth when you read the aforesaid url stories…pretty damn frightening..but then so are all the arseholes who think that political correctness, appeasement and submission is the best route to go…I submit my arse to no one, but hey, anytime they want to kiss it, I’ll oblige.
    So in light of the above, it really makes no sense for aussie adults to tell kids no more cartwheels for the dear ones might get hurt, all the meanwhile the adults do back flips, cartwheels and the rest to keep the enemy at a distance…but like the taliban said, ‘we don’t need nukes..we have our women’s bodies..our best weapon”

    So just like here with our left loony liberals, we find the same mental illness in Australia..
    “Muslim cleric warns Australian government they better not try to deport any more Muslims or it’s going to make them very angry. Human Rights activists and Left wing media nod heads in sympathy with the Muslim invader.” Key word here is ‘make us very very angry’, and of course, that is code for ‘you must submit or we start chopping heads’…ahh, the left deserves these 7th century neanderthals..they are so much alike, no? But thankfully there are some aussies with brains intact.

    To learn out what the religion of pieces is about in Australia, take a deep breath here..
    Maybe THIS is why some aussies with functioning brain cells want to send back all these Muslim undesirables: But hey, let’s pick on the little kids and cartwheels…much easier to control than entitlement savages right?..just make sure that the future Muslim caveman cartwheels they expect from Aussies, aren’t given coverage to the citizenry.

  2. Tom Osborne says:

    September 24th, 2012 at 12:07 am

    That’s right, just keep on pushing with all these anti-natural-behavior laws and people en masse will finally say about ALL of it, “That’s it, the entire gig is up.  From now on, there IS no external authority.  About ANYTHING.  You. Can’t. Make. Us. Anymore.”

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