San Francisco Solves Horrifying Plastic Bag Dilemma

Thursday, March 29, 2007
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City leaders approved a ban on plastic grocery bags after weeks of lobbying on both sides from environmentalists and a supermarket trade group. San Francisco would be the first U.S. city to adopt such a rule if Mayor Gavin Newsom signs the ban as expected.

The law, approved 10-1, requires large markets and drug stores to offer customers bags made of paper that can be recycled, plastic that breaks down easily enough to be made into compost, or reusable cloth.

This option replaces a previous attempt at trying to push through a 15-cent-per-bag tax. Surely, grocers will balk at the expensive, reusable bags that are the wet dream of every enviroCommunist, and they will “cut down more trees” by using paper bags. But at least they’ll stop choking marine life!

Gee, San Franciso is so progressive. The city fathers teach the kiddies in its schools about the horrors of littering. “Litter has its place, and it’s not on the street,” said SFE director Jared Blumenfeld. “Recycle everything you can, but make sure that anything that’s truly garbage ends up in your trashcan.” I’m sure the homeless and assorted other parasites with no investment in the future will jump right on this campaign and do their part.

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