Ron Paul’s Ad – Yikes

Sunday, December 30, 2007
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This ad leaves me a bit chilled. It’s very government propaganda-like, scaremongering, etc. The part about “terrorist nations” is a bit much. But then again, this is why the two sides of the libertarian, Ron Paul wars have both been way out of bounds: first, there’s the side that consistently attacks him, using oftentimes baseless points and slinging unnecessary trash talk. Then there’s the side that has a truly eerie Ron Paul-obsessive-compulsive disorder and make virtual love to him over the Internet. Constantly posting about the God-like greatness of one man, folks, is a bit much and rather unnerving. Politics is politics, and politicians play politics, no matter who it is. There are constituents that have to be won over in order for people to win political power. Thus politicians will do wicked things to see that they do achieve victory.

I support Ron Paul immensely, and I especially love the education process the people of this country – no, the world – are experiencing due to his energy and efforts. I will continue to support him, but, as you may have already noted, my support efforts are controlled and rather low key, and no where near the obsession witnessed ’round the web. And it’s because I am really spooked by the level of worship I am witnessing. I would prefer that this ad get a good dose of sleeping pills and go nighty-night. The big, red, block letters are entirely reminiscent of something that Homeland Security would turn out.

Overall, I think things have gotten way too nutty for me.

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