Ron Paul on the Yellow Brick Road

Sunday, December 25, 2011
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Here is a story that was recently posted on Yahoo: “Ron Paul is a Dangerous Tin Man Who has No Heart.” The article is so boring that it wouldn’t be worth mentioning, except for this one quote:

As quoted by Real Clear Politics, Ron Paul believes that “all foreign aid is worthless.

And…am I missing something here? All foreign aid is either money taken from hard-working Americans at gunpoint or a monetary production of the Federal Reserve that makes people poorer (most of them, unknowingly) in order to fund the global largesse. So, Ron Paul sees no value in the end product of foreign “aid” – funding military machines, underwriting foreign dictators and emperors, perpetuating endless wars, promoting civil unrest and race or religious wars, and subsidizing and escalating a hugely profitable and invincible corporate state. And plus, he thinks it is unconstitutional for the government to conduct limitless theft via political policy in order to fund these atrocities. But he’s heartless.

On the contrary, our dictators and armchair generals in Washington D.C. have heart. This is proof.

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3 Responses to Ron Paul on the Yellow Brick Road

  1. JQ says:

    December 27th, 2011 at 12:32 am

    Here is one point that Paul makes that I can get on board and agree with him..just about the only one I can agree with…..we give far too much foreign aid, but equally as bad, is the aid we are giving some Islamists on our own soil. As Mr. Paul really doesn’t give us any thoughts on things transpiring on our own soil, I wonder what he thinks of the growing Gulen charter schools in the US, Canada, Australia, africa and Europe.

    I refer to the imam, Fetullah Gulen who now has grown 150 charter schools on american soil. From his perch in the Poconos where he has security surrounding him, he sits and pulls strings with Turkey’s govt, the military and police. Here in this country, all of his Turkish muslim teachers get free HB 1 visas to come here and teach, hence taking jobs from qualified American teachers. We then aid and abet via our taxes and in some cases, bonding, for the running of these schools, many of which are faux as hell claiming to be superior sources of math/science teaching over US schools. What is more surprising is Gulen’s war chest of fifty billion bucks, and why he should have to take from Americans to support these lousy schools backed by Oblahblah when he first took his reign/2008.

    Having taught at one I can vouch for the negatives of which there are many at these pretend schools. This Imam claims to be a scholar even though he never finished 5th grade—a red flag if ever! Under his reign over 50 journalists in Turkey have been put into prison for speaking out in favor of democracy and a more open society. Unfortunately for them, those views do not jive with Imam Gulen’s desire to return the Caliphate all over planet earth. He makes no secret of his stealth plan to infiltrate many sectors, ‘until the time comes when we can unleash our plans”.

    It’s not too surprising that he has gotten this far (150 charter schools sprinkled across our fair land), for americans refuse to leave their la la lands and contemplate this could ever heppen on their own soil. Like their neighbors to the north, Canada, they will play the pathetic PC game and agree to the efficacy of Islam, you know, things like honor killings, cutting baby girl’s clits, pedophilia or bringing 3-5 wives and accompanying kids into the US and then put them all on the there is something every american should be up in arms about…but no, we turn a blind eye to the obvious and point to lesser evils elicited by statist shenanigans.

    Canada has the highest influx of immigrants now following Australia/#1 while the US is quickly picking up. All useful idiots believing ‘moderate’ muslims are ”Moderate’, are viewed by reformed muslims as a joke as they are warning us there is nothing moderate about islam itself.

    If you have had a muslim tsa security person force you into a porn scanner (yes, 2,000 have been hired as security persons) and you explicitly asked for a patdown, you know the stealth moe movement is alive and well…it is especially stinging when as a petite woman wearing soft summer clothing that reveals every curve of your body, you are put into a porn scanner while a muslim indian woman three behind you, wrapped in her many veils and long garb is let through the airport security and not expected to do either porn scan or patdown.

    Do you see anything wrong with this picture? If you don’t, then you probably won’t see anything wrong with americans paying for neanderthal guys bearing a half dozen wives/kids and forcing us to pay for board and room, all the meanwhile a few more anchor babies are added to the brood…and again, YOU and I are expected to pay for the feeding/upkeep of those who see us as the great satan and feel they can better clean up the country’s moral culture all in the dictates of the terrorist god, Allah.


    For those unafraid to see what is happening here, this is an outstanding site informing Americans as to what these charter schools are all about.
    I highly recommend that you get acquainted with this imam and his plans for america…we have enough battles to fight with our own homegrown morons. i.e. ersatz education, too much gov’t, congressmen not knowing their butts from a hole in the ground as they revealed months ago when asked if they would consider Sharia law for the US. Only 58 said they would never ever agree to this evil…which tells you that the other 400+ really reveal IQ’s lower than their shoe sizes..either that or others are funneling oil monies into deep pockets…shame on all!

  2. Wade says:

    December 27th, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    but Bill O’Reilly says that there is an army of turban wearing boogeymen that are coming to get us…and O’Reilly wouldn’t lie would he? :)

  3. JQ says:

    December 27th, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    WADE, methinks you should be wading in waters deeper than Fox news. I get so upset with those idiots for they are always six months late on the news regarding Islam and the growing problem here and in Canada, Europe and elsewhere.I often feel like putting my fist through the tube when they come out with supposed ‘news’ that is six months old. Why they drag ass on important stuff is beyond me when I can research it daily and know it months before them.

    In addition, Wade I suggest you refresh your simple math course of Addition 101..and then do the math… when Whitey is only turning out 1.8 kids, if that, while the turbans are pushing out puppies at a rate 2-3 times faster, it doesn’t require an Einstein to see that in 20 years one populatioin overtakes the other with ease. What you should be asking yourself is this….do I prefer to live in the 21st century, or would I think it fun to go back to the 7th century and bury my mind as some terrorist god asks me to do, along with horrific abuse of any female members of my family.
    Fox won’t answer that for you, nor will your local idiot priest nor an ersatz educational system.

    Choice is yours my friend. You can continue to live in your dream world where totalitarianism never exists or get a grip and learn asap all you can about the “arab spring’ which is really a winter of despair, let alone discontent. The so called reiigion of peace wants only one thing from you, nad that is your total devotion to a terrorist god and the forfeiture of your gray matter. Judging my your remarks above, you think it’s all a joke!

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