Revisiting the Swine Flu Hysteria

Friday, January 1, 2010
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I’ve been waiting patiently for this perspective to appear in mainstream print. The Wall Street Journal Swine Flu Journal reports:

Global health officials’ response to the swine-flu pandemic reflects major improvements in flu-fighting capabilities in recent years, but limited vaccine supplies, crowded emergency rooms, and other challenges show they still aren’t fully equipped to combat a deadlier scourge, the World Health Organization’s chief said.

While a second wave of infections caused by the H1N1 virus has ebbed in North America and Western Europe, transmission of flu remains intense in Central and Eastern Europe and parts of southern Asia, and health authorities must monitor its spread for another year or more, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said in an interview this week.

“It is premature to say the pandemic has peaked world-wide,” she said. “The situation needs to be watched and monitored at least another six to 12 months.” The virus could still mutate to become more severe, she warned.

State bureaucrats ’round the world, and especially in the US, can’t stand it. They are absolutely disappointed that their perfidious pandemic was a bust, a flop, and a non-pandemic. Of course, there are no limited vaccine supplies or overwhelmed emergency rooms – that was a liar’s cacophony for the purpose of using the swine flu epidemic as a control mechanism.

What I am seeing from the press, now, is a bunch of inept fear mongering about a “third wave” of the swine flu – and this comes at a point when the general public long ago lost interest in the so-called “second wave.” The CBS Connecticut website ran a “third wave” bulletin that says since a third wave is “possible,” people should still be vaccinated. Federal despots, unwilling to be left out of either wave and the ensuing propaganda fever, have chimed in with the CDC’s warning of a third wave in January. The story states, “The┬áCDC reports fewer people getting sick. That may not be the case come January.” Remind me of what happened to the “second wave,” or even the first?

I am amused each time I go into a Walgreens, or drive by a CVS, health clinic, doctor’s office, or urgent care center. They all have signs in the windows, on the doors, and outside in front of their buildings: “H1N1 – get your shots here.” No one wants the vaccination so they have to push it and advertise it. Next thing you know they’ll be doing “buy one get one free” H1N1 shots. In fact, many places are giving away free vaccines. Isn’t this the same vaccination for which the US government declared – over and over and over – there would be an extreme shortage, and we must all hurry and get it if such a “blessed” opportunity appears on the horizon? Again and again, Americans were propagandized and being conditioned to believe that there was an undisputed, full-scale, worldwide health emergency that would soon mushroom into an uncontrollable killer flu, and our chances of being victims of some hideous health horror were far higher than tripping and stubbing your toe.

Government, along with its obedient media arm, perpetually warned Americans of massive deaths, overrun hospitals, a shortage of lung machines, and the lack of available medical personnel to handle the massive overrun of resources that would be the result of a ginormous swine flu outbreak. Every day, every hour, the Swine Flu Journal, the Swine Flu Times, the Swine Flu Post, and all of those other organs of fear mongering and swine journalism, kept us up to date with play-by-plays of the expected date of H1N1 vaccination arrivals, the current shortage, and the expected time frames to relieve the shortage. And the media was never short on advice about what to do if you couldn’t manage to find an available swine flu vaccination for yourself. Zillions of dollars were put into the pockets of the large and powerful Big Pharma interests who lobbied to sell the swine flu as a killer affliction and paid off scores of politicians and health bureaucrats to have it declared a pandemic. The US government spent at least $2 billion dollars on vaccinations for Americans so that every single American could suck up Big Pharma’s moneymaking unhealthy juice.

So what is the result of the government’s Big Plan going kaput? The fizzle and flop was similar to the one that occurred, recently, in a Nigerian’s underwear somewhere over Detroit. The whole thing fell flat on its face because the totalitarian government of Washington D.C. overplayed the drama and fear, and like a broken record, their overreaching orders, advice, and dictates began to sound more and more like vaudeville one-liners.

And repeatedly, the little people that couldn’t – that is, the true-blue followers, the government faithful, the non-thinking pliant beings – insisted that I was crazy for exposing this all as a crock from the beginning.

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4 Responses to Revisiting the Swine Flu Hysteria

  1. liberranter says:

    January 1st, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    If there’s any drawback to this wonderful example of market forces in action (i.e., market saturation with product that no one wants, the result of false signals created by a meddling government), it’s that the Big Pharma bullies that produced this expensive white elephant will demand to be “compensated” for their losses. And guess where that compensation will come from (hint: hold on to your wallets)? After all, as you pointed out, Karen, these are the same Big Pharma bullies that apparently have such a stranglehold on the “legislative” body of our federal dictatorship that said band of castrati felt it necessary to consult the bullies before even considering mentioning the possibility of allowing us mere peon to shop abroad for cheaper and better alternatives to their price-inflated poisons. With that priceless piece of evidence in mind, is there any doubt that we’ll also get stuck with the bill, at least indirectly, for this Big Pharma flop?

  2. Karen De Coster says:

    January 1st, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    Liber — funny, I mentioned this – about the unused, unwanted product – in an article I wrote (expanding on this post) for JBS. Should be out next week.

  3. miles says:

    January 2nd, 2010 at 2:43 am

    I wonder if anyone ended up making money off of “Y2K”? Remember Y2K? That apocolypse that didn’t happen from 1999?

    I wonder if anyone made big money off of the swine-flu hysteria? If we dont get a big spike in flu-cases over the next couple of months, I think we could safely label it a bust (and in this case, Im hoping its a bust)**. I wish there were some conservative or libertarian financial institutions that could perform a “bubble autopsy” on the scare and find out whether anyone made a mint off it. Whenever there is a big snafu of lots of wasted resources like this, it costs our debtor nation a lot of money we no longer have. Therefore we need to identify the prime movers and expose them to ridicule and professional consequences.

    ** There is one future fearmonger’s scenario I admit I actually would like to see come to pass: Climate Change. I hope we get about 10 straight years of cold, snowy-1970′s style-winters and the coolest summers on record world-wide, just to make the AGW’ers and environmental-fearmongers look like imbeciles so they can be held up to everlasting public ridicule, professionally and politically ruined. Im not kidding either. I mean that.

  4. MoT says:

    January 5th, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    Plenty of hysteria over Y2K that fizzled and popped. Though, of course, there was plenty of “coin” to be had by the people peddling their doom and gloom scenarios. As far as the Swine Flu shots… I too wondered why I see signs in front of every Walgreen’s offering these shots. Hmmmm?

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