Saturday, December 17, 2005
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I love everything retro. Big bells (ok, the flared leg) are back in (zap the hip huggers, please), so is tie-dye, and so are paisley/printed silk shirts. Square-toe heels and boots are big again, and so are hippie-like do-rags. Wal-Mart has a fantastic collection of colorful do-rags, and they are only 99 cents.

Mummert Signs is making some cool stuff–much of it handmade. Commercial businesses are turning to retro to get their message across. Of course, retro is chic at home, too. Mummert has a good business making desirable signs in his studio.

Hometown Favorites is a great, online retro grocer and candy store. Can’t find whistle pops or Hires root beer? You can here.

Want to eat retro? You can with the help of Collector’s Press.

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