Redistribution News: BoTax replaced by TanTax

Friday, December 25, 2009
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In one of the latest power struggles behind the scenes in Washington, the wealthy and well-represented plastic surgeons – and their clientele – won their battle. As politicians scramble to find ways to pay for the unsustainable national health care plan, they were focusing on taxing cosmetic procedures as a way to raise zillions. This was known as the Botax. The powerful interests that represent plastic surgeons – and protect their profits – stepped in, and along with the American Medical Association, they were able to persuade the Senate to go after another industry that doesn’t have the power and representation of the medical industry. Enter the poor tanning salons.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association, a powerful lobby that represents dermatologists, stepped up to claim that the 10% tax should be shifted to the backs business owners who own tanning salons. Such a tax will save us all because, in the political special interests world of “tax them not us,” tanning salons are deemed evil, and accordingly, increasing their costs will reduce the occurrence of skin cancer.

“We suggested that the tanning tax would be a better alternative to the cosmetic tax and hopefully will reduce the incidence of skin cancer down the road,” said David M. Pariser, president of the American Academy of Dermatology Association, which represents dermatologists.

…”Indoor tanning is a practice which is a known carcinogen,” said the dermatologist group’s Dr. Pariser.

After the tax was shifted to the tanning industry, the AMA decided to support the Senate’s bill. Here’s Dan Humiston, president of the Indoor Tanning Association:

We do have a lobbying presence in Washington,” he said, “but not to the extent of the medical industry.

Dan is exactly right. So therefore, a select group of empowered bullies that represent a small slice of the government of the United States have protected the wealthy and powerful from their wicked hammer, and will instead let loose their redistribution terrorism upon an industry where most businesses are family owned and the majority of consumers are middle class. In fact, tanning salon owners are defenseless as compared to the mainstream medical industry. Their business has already been devastated by the abysmal economy because tanning is a highly discretionary purchase. As usual, I ask – are people getting fed up yet?

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3 Responses to Redistribution News: BoTax replaced by TanTax

  1. cousin lucky says:

    December 25th, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    Ms De Coster there are many, many, people that are totally fed up; but unfortunately that does not mean that doing anything about it ever enters their minds. They Have No Spunk At All!!
    Obama is a novice at finding excuses when compared to the American People; who will still probably do absolutely nothing, as their country totally disappears from the face of the Earth!! You Betcha!!!

  2. Michael says:

    December 25th, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    “Indoor tanning is a practice which is a known carcinogen,” said the dermatologist group’s Dr. Pariser.”

    I’ve had it with these nanny-state enablers. “I don’t like it so you can’t either.” Tanning beds, guns, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, fatty foods, fast cars, and big trucks. Whatever happened to, “I don’t like it so I won’t buy it.” Now it’s “I don’t like it and I’m going to demand that the state tax it ’til it explodes.”

    I hate this version of America.

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