Reader Says We at LRC Don’t “Walk the Talk”

Monday, October 22, 2012
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Earlier today I posted this blog on a reader comment that came to me today via email. It is advised to read that post first before continuing to read this post. The reader who sent me the email under discussion has responded back, and me to him, etc. This has gone on all evening. I rarely engage in a tit-for-tat, but this has opened up some unique and worthy discussion. I have chosen not to use his name because he is not perpetuating a vicious personal attack. Rather, I think he has been wronged by the state (police brutality is my guess), and thus he has a bone to pick with those of us who write about these issues, but *appear* to be “removed” from the reality. He writes:

Instead of writing about lofty ideals and spending time with speaking engagements, there are some of us who walk the walk some of the LRC contributors talk about.

If I’m incorrect in my assessment, please feel free to correct me, but I cannot remember any LRC writer getting their ass beat by the kind of rogue cops Will Griggs so eloquently writes about or any of them being arrested for daring to confront judges and other politicians. That would be me and those like me.

My thought is this: Remember? How can he possible know what we all have or have not experienced? How could he know what we have/haven’t done? Why is he so bitter? I give him a break because I think he is desperately seeking empathy and assistance.

The reader has no clue as to what we LRC writers have done, including me (1) recently confronting local police (TWICE) and standing my ground where others would have cowardly retreated, and (2) getting fired from my job for writing on controversial subjects with my true name byline. Yes, I was fired from my job in January 2006 for what I did on my own personal time, at home (writing). I worked for a Fortune 500 auto industry company, and we had a vicious HR (Human Resources) department that was an adversary of all employees. The CFO had threatened me with retribution upon finding out what I was writing about in my off-time (lots of my co-workers read my stuff and that spread like wildfire). When he confronted me, I said, “What I do on my own time is none of your fucking business.” No one will ever own me, including those who sign my paycheck. Truth and sanity comes first, and the bills come afterward.

I was one of the highest performers in that Finance Department, but there came a day where I was called into HR and immediately fired, and I was physically escorted out the door by a crew of corporate bullies. Many of my co-workers (led by a newbie 22-year-old who I had mentored) were shocked,  and they stormed HR to protest and shout their displeasure. The HR Director, who was a newer hire at the time, walked out on a Friday shortly thereafter, without warning, telling her leadership “I quit.” She quit, in part, because of the politics surrounding my firing. At the behest of friends, I have already committed myself to finally writing about this entire incident before the end of this year.

I remained unemployed for many, many months, and friends and colleagues begged me to write under a pseudonym and erase my web archives in order to save my “reputation.” I refused. I said I would never allow any employer to dicate how I will spend my free time, away from the office. I would rather bag groceries at Costco as opposed to selling my soul for a paycheck and benefits. When I eventually got hired by a downtown Detroit Fortune 500 financial services firm, I suspected that the hiring CFO had a hunch I was fired from my previous job. He took a chance on me, and I was stellar enough that when he left the company, I was one of the few people who he brought over to the new company, where he became the Senior VP of Finance. I have been with that company, and him, for three years now. That firing was the greatest thing that ever happened in my career. Sometimes things really do work out beautifully.

Additionally, another LRC writer who is my good friend was fired from his job two years before I was, and that is because it was discovered that he was writing the truth about the evils of monetary policy and the Federal Reserve via his articles on and This friend worked on the West Coast in the finance/insurance industry. His CEO found out about his writings via an informant who had read an article of his on, and that CEO sent a Human Resources hack from Boston to the west coast to fire him on the spot, without his boss’s prior knowledge. His boss cried during that meeting. It took my friend many months to find a comparable job, and it was in another state.

There are many more stories about LRC’ers that I don’t have time to tell.

Additionally, I fight on many other front lines that you see me write about. How dare the reader assume what they can’t possibly know about what we do?

We have a couple of lawyer writers at LRC who have been arrested, fined, etc. for battling courts, police depts., and all the rest. Take Jim Ostrowki, for instance, who works as a lawyer, and has a family, yet is always stirring the pot, somewhere, to defend liberty. I could go on and on, but this needs more attention than this blog can provide. We LRC writers do what we do because, usually, our backgrounds make us ideal to write on that which many of us have experienced firsthand.

Lastly, one of our LRC writers, Micheal Kreca, was KILLED by San Diego cops after repeatedly refusing to give in to them. Michael was a friend of mine, and a long-time correspondent, and I had to read it in the paper that he was dead. Michael – RIP, my dear friend.

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6 Responses to Reader Says We at LRC Don’t “Walk the Talk”

  1. Hal Cranmer says:

    October 22nd, 2012 at 10:53 pm


    God Bless You. You have more guts than the vast majority of men I know. I am thoroughly convinced that the more a person tends towards becoming an anarchist (anarcho-capitalist or whatever), the better employee and the more productive that person will be in the workplace. No wonder all those auto companies in Detroit are going bankrupt:)

    You go girl!

  2. Jonathan says:

    October 23rd, 2012 at 9:17 am

    Is there a reason you didn’t use an anonymous handle when writing? I use one because I’m paranoid of getting made and losing my job.

  3. DavidBrennan says:

    October 23rd, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Yeah, I agree with Hal that being a sincere libertarian actually increases one’s productivity. I think this is because you take more responsibility for yourself and just don’t have that bad habit of outsourcing tasks to others. It’s kind of hard to express, but I notice this, too.

    I also commend you for standing up for your dignity rather than prostrating yourself before some dumb corporation. Really, it’s very effeminate how so many dudes submit to political correctness and adopt a servile outlook on life to get into corporate graces.

    There’s a good movie called ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ where this noble king character tells a young knight that, when he dies, he won’t be able to use the excuse that he only did bad (or ignored good) because he was told to do so by powerful people. “Your soul lies with you,” was the line I think. It’s great to read that you’ve kept your soul, when so many others whore it out for so little.

  4. Karen De Coster says:

    October 23rd, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    Jonathan, as I explained, I already lost a job due to my writing. I’d rather be struggling and honest than comfortable and enslaved. An anonymous handle immediately makes you suspect as a writer, and usually, you can never be taken seriously. I want to be taken seriously because I do my homework.

  5. M. Terry says:

    October 23rd, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Walk the walk? My spouse and I spent over 10 years trying to wake people up regarding the liberties that were being (and continue to be) taken away in this country. Lost the 10 most potentially productive years for that cause. While I don’t write for LRC, I’m quite certain that most who espouse liberty tend to be punished in some way by the “system.”

    Tale a look at Will Grigg and Lawrence Vance, including the results of Karen refusing to back down. The troubles many of the LRC writers have encountered aren’t difficult to find.

    And hey – some of us will no longer stick our necks out. When I was doing legal work, I learned that the ignorant jurors were actually the ones to fear, much more so than DOJ lawyers. So, while I don’t and haven’t written for LRC, my wife and I have had a number of articles published in liberty-minded publications. For now, we’re playing catch-up, and trying to recover from the financial sacrifices we made. Others we associated with at the time are in the same boat. Retirement is a pipe-dream. I certainly don’t begrudge anyone who adopts the stance of dropping out of the freedom movement. Most people just didn’t care – as long as they could watch the latest TV talent show, and buy a case of beer. And honestly, people crowing about others not walking the walk is, unfortunately, just too typical.

    Incidentally, while doing legal work, I often heard “aren’t we all in this together?” That was typically from what we called “Christians of convenience” – who were in trouble with some government agency and wanted to keep their money safe from those parasites. But when it came to paying the legal firm, it was “aren’t we all in this together?”

    Probably spent over a thousand hours doing pro-bono work I couldn’t afford. So – guess what, folks. We’re not ALL in this together. Some of us have had it with sacrifice. I bet if Karen and all the LRC contributors tallied all their time writing well-researched and meticulously documented essays to show the effects of the police state and the destruction of liberty, it still wouldn’t add up to enough time and sacrifice to those who point the finger at folks who aren’t “walking the walk.”

    My hat’s off to the many people who still try to make a difference, like all at LRC, Karen, and thousands of other modern pen-wielding freedom fighters. who don’t, in some people’s opinion, walk the walk. what hooey.

  6. jeannie queenie says:

    October 27th, 2012 at 12:58 am

    If none of you guys know her, I suggest you get acquainted with one Ann Barnhadrt. She too, like Karen, is not afraid to tackle the issues which need tackling. I love this gal for telling it like it is…she has not been afraid to tell the catholic church/priests/cardinals/bishops what kind of filth they’ve been dishing out since the 60′s,70′s with their homosexualist perv mindsets.

    As she is a former cattle broker who has since shut down her investing firm in the last year or so, she is in a great position to point out and name the names of all the fkrs who have brought down our economy. I am truly amazed that none of these guys like Corzine have not tried to take her out.

     She doesn’t stop with Wall st and the boys in black dresses at the altar though, as she doesn’t hesitate for a minute to let the muscums know just how demonic their so called wretched religion is. She gets regular death threats for printing truth every day of the week which gives her really high marks in my book for being a truth teller. She goes so far as to tell all the morons who email her with vicious threats, just exactly where she lives, the address, replete with a photo of her own front door…best of all, is the female-make-my-day attitude accompanying her remarks.

    Her videos just on muslims/islam alone are worth viewing…she is the most politically INcorrect person I know giving her top scores in my book. She does not do good with idiots, neither do I, and in this world, that makes you a non conformist. But it is either you be a non conformist, or you die in spirit, mind, soul, heart and yes even body if you allow other’s mental sickness to touch you..and god knows, we see so much mental sickness around us..and for those who would say, but wait, so and so has a degree from an ivy league school, all I can say to that, is that ‘mental illness knows no intellectual boundaries’…we see oodles of them on the hill, and in corporate america….marxist sick fkr professor’s brainwashing our kids in believing this is the greatest admin is utterly disgusting for sure.

    My hat is off to anyone who fights the good fight. This year has been a particularly troubling one in my own life with those who think they can lie, cheat, and steal their way to their ‘entitlements’. Since the start of the year, I have fired TWO doctors here in New England, both Harvard Grads who along with their financial sector Harvard grads think they can steal at will simply cause their ivy leaguers…found out weeks later, I wasn’t the only one who fired them.

    Told AT&T a few months back where they could stick their business too. Each month they kept adding bogus charges to my bill…after three calls of the repeating pattern, l I told them they were out of my life. Then I started up with Verizon and have spent almost ten hours of my life in the last two weeks dealing with these morons who must have Joe Bonanno in their accounting dept. Major corruption I cannot even begin to tell you…their statements are so fkd up,my local verizon guys can’t make heads nor tails of them…bogus figures all over the place. I won’t even go into it all, suffice it to say, their accting dept must be forced to sit and smoke five bowls before they begin their work day. Am dealing with a corrupt condo board and property mgmt company for months now..ready to send them all to the moon. They haven’t a clue yet that I joined a new group here in CT and helped write a testimony which is now on the CT site…under the name of anonymous. I have had things stolen from my unit and if I revealed my name on this legislature, I could be a target for some sociopaths who no doubt have helped themselves to some of our condo fee explanations ever where it’s all gone too.

    Just got a check this last week from an AT&T settlement..obviously they were up to no good and lost a lawsuit. Couple days ago, I got another card in the mail to fill out for Bank of America for my credit card…looking like this lawsuit will go through too and a check next spring will be forthcoming. We have so much corruption on so many fronts now, it makes one’s head spin. My honey has moved from a nursing home where he had his briefcase stolen with a HUGH amt of money into an independent living situation which is much nicer in the physical bldg and the meals, but the theft is just as bad as with the nursing homes. In the last year, a CNA at the nursing home was caught trying to take off the diamond ring of an elderly bed ridden old this new place, my guy hears stories all the time of the older women having jewelry or money and even a nice pc of furniture stolen. We live in such wretched times, but it is imperative that we continue the good fight wherever or whenever evil presents itself.

    I find it sad that the writer in the above piece lost his job for writing the truth, but why would you want to be in the same office with a crud ball? It doesn’t take a whiz kid to know when you are being asked to join the liars club..and that club has such a hugh majority in it now. My dad told me for years that the gov’t was trying to turn every man, woman and child into a liar…wow, he was right on, and thankfully prepared me for the onslaught of these creeps who keep entering my life almost weekly now. I used to be this ‘nice, gentile lady’, but that has taken a backseat now that I have learned to unleash the ‘bitch’ when the occasion necessitates using it.

    You do reach a tipping point when the crap comes faster and faster at you, you know the lingo, the eyes, the total BS someone is peddling, and instinctively, I have to remember and tell myself, that punching their lights out is not the proper thing to do, but let me tell you, some people really invite you to react in such a manner when you’re baited with basic bullsht, and the smoke and mirrors of their lying pie holes. No more is this evident than with all the DC sickening shiiittte go and read Ann Barnhardt. 

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