Re: (I Think I Know) What has Happened to Reason Magazine?

Thursday, February 24, 2005
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Responding to a post on the LRC blog:

Laurence, Reason magazine surely gives us plenty of reasons to criticize it, but then again, that, I suppose, is the nature of promulgating ideas, no?

In regards to the crass Cathy Young piece, is it really genuine to play the “connector” game, when in fact, the piece was not published by Reason? I’m not fond of the connector game, because this is the smear tactic often used by those that wish to paint others with broad brushes for the sake of attempting to support their otherwise baseless attacks. I’m not saying you are doing it; I’m just slightly chilled when people look at things that way. Lew Rockwell, and many of his writers, have been smeared with this redundant ploy.

Upon reading the Cathy Young shitstorm, my very first thought was this: I bet that Reason turned down this uninformed and assinine piece cold turkey. My guess is that they had no desire to run it. Of course, I have no clue, but it’s a thought. Why else would it be in the Boston Globe? I’ve got to believe that the majority of people at Reason are way too knowledgeable of history to publish such rot.

As to Rush Limbaugh’s endorsement, he really believes he’s a man of liberty. He doesn’t know, and he doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. Somebody ought to tell him.

Cathy Young is no libertarian, not even close. But I don’t think Reason purports to be “libertarian only.” They have expanded into this “free mind” realm, and although a lot of that stuff bores me, Reason‘s plan of action, I think, is to explore the entire orbit of theory and ideas, within certain boundaries.

After all, doesn’t LRC get the same sort of criticism? LRC voices myriad expression of ideas, some completely radical, some exceptional, and some that are very doubtful. And so? What does it mean? It means that the owner of the site is expressing not only his own weltanschauung, but that which he finds unusual, interesting, original, consequential, or thought-provoking. Reason and LRC, both, are two staples on the web that I think a lot of people love to hate, but can’t do without. And both of them do it for the pure love of ideas and intellectual rigor, and sure as heck not pure profit. That in itself is admirable, because it tells us the level of commitment involved in publishing fresh material daily, without fail, and all for the passion of freeing man’s mind from the eternal hell of scripted, mainstream brainwashing.

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