Raw Milk and Meddling Propagandists

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
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I like to cull raw milk propaganda off the web every now and then, if only for some quick laughs. Why raw milk? Because raw milk is under siege by the political powers and special interests probably more so than any other thing that I can think of within the last few years. Well, on second thought, there are germs, which are a favorite target of the sanitization nuts who preach that we should bathe ourselves in anti-bacterial super-scrub in between each obsessive hand washing throughout the day. And we have the sun, another natural wonder that’s deadly, according to the assorted champions of SPF900 sunscreen and the medical establishment that declares chemical sunscreens to be our friend and the sun’s natural Vitamin D to be a cancer-carrying nuisance.

In terms of raw milk propaganda, I found this statement in an article on TBD.com to be pretty darn ignorant: “So why would anyone want to drink unpasteurized milk? It seems like the equivalent of driving down the highway with no seatbelt, yet every raw milk drinker interviewed for this story claims interest is skyrocketing and gave half a dozen reasons for the choice to consume it.” That’s a mighty lame and simplistic utterance. I am not sure how drinking a natural beverage that folks used to drink prior to the days of mass pasteurization is anything like denying a government edict to save you from yourself. Raw milk drinkers aren’t playing Russian roulette with a beverage of their choice any more than someone who chooses to drink beverages with scientifically proven links to chronic disease – namely those of the sugar-and-chemical variety. Rather, people who drink raw milk deny the current political-special interest propaganda, dogma, and junk science, and apparently, that’s akin to a suicide mission?

After all, the seatbelt safety nazis like to claim that choosing to not wear a seatbelt is the equivalent of riding your skateboard east-to-west on a northbound highway at rush hour. Seatbelts are only a device that may offer protection in the event of incident, so we ascertain our level of risk acceptance and choose to wear or not wear them based on how risk adverse we are and how we interpret the safety data churned out by an entity with a special interest in meddling and nanny state decrees – the state. But mostly, we wear seatbelts because (1) the government forces us to wear them because its safety data was not convincing enough for us to wear them voluntarily, and (2) we don’t want to pay $150 fines to brutes in blue who patrol the streets on rent-seeking missions to fill the local government coffers.

Raw milk, on the other hand, is food – and those who choose to drink it do not encroach upon the rights of others and force them to drink it because they respect the choices of their fellow human beings. Many non-raw milk drinkers, however, do concern themselves with the choices of others and will engage the power of the political arm of the state to revoke the choices of their fellow human beings. They spin out all kinds agitprop so they can move the raw milk issue from the level of personal choice to the level of a public health hazard. When something becomes a “public health hazard” the government steps in to fund the war on the hazard, and special interests that detect political and/or profit potential pop up all over to get a share of the booty. Newsflash to the apostles of safety  - your politically-influenced, government-funded, junk science-laden raw milk “facts” aren’t everyone else’s raw milks facts as they understand them by exercising their own subjective judgment and interpretation of science.

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One Response to Raw Milk and Meddling Propagandists

  1. David Smith says:

    September 14th, 2011 at 7:27 am

    That there has been advancement in the realm of scientific knowledge, to include the arena of microbiology, especially as it relates to our food, none can deny (DUH!). But aside from the agenda laden conclusions we’ve seen, it also displays an appalling arrogance. Again, our parents, our ancestors, were just too stupid to know any better, the poor, ignorant hayseeds!, consuming raw dairy products, not to mention tons of saturated fat, farm fresh vegetables, etc. How did we ever make it without these food nazis to tell us what’s good for us?

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