Rationing Life

Friday, August 7, 2009
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It’s almost funny how the Master Propagandists who roam the halls of Washington D.C.’s sleaziest urinals are consistently making claims that a single-payer, socialized health care system will never ration health care, there will be no “waiting for treatment,” etc. Forget all of the other lies about what they plan for this program; I’m just simplifying what’s been argued, for months, to make one simple point. Just look at the case of flu shots each year, and how the government bungles that program every year by producing shortages. And this year, to make matters even worse, we have the government’s swine flu hysteria unfolding, by which they plan to establish a mandatory vaccination process. Now just in case someone should be so utterly brainwashed, docile, and stupid¬†that they¬†want the government’s poisonous vaccination, you’ll have to wait in line, if you can get in line. From this article comes this quote:

But it’s not a matter of just giving both to whoever comes in. Supplies are expected to be limited, so the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has two different lists for who should be first to get the seasonal flu shot and who should be first to get the swine flu shot.

I thought there’s no rationing when the government nationalizes medical care? Eventually, of course, they want to stick us all, and against our will.

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One Response to Rationing Life

  1. Richard Laplante says:

    August 8th, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    Three books come to mind: Animal Farm, Brave New World, and 1984.
    I once had to convince a judge that it was unconstitutional to require a person to do that which was impossible, nevermind the argument about whether a person can be compelled to perform specifically to do an thing, contrary to his rights. (Not all the judges I met were actually that far gone – to be sure).

    But here we will have it: you MUST get the shot, and you cannot have it. Therefore, you are guilty. Bend over, here we come.

    Mother told me there would be days like this, but this many in a row???

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