Public (un)Education For All

Friday, August 23, 2013
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In Australia they say “no tall poppies.” In corporate America they kindly say “dumb yourself down” in order to be in harmony with the culture of mediocrity. Here, a 9-year-old 5-time reading champ, Tyler Weaver, was told by the public library director, Marie Gandron, that he “hogs’’ the school’s reading contest every year and should “step aside” because “other kids quit because they can’t keep up.” Katie Weaver, Tyler’s Mom, is asking for a public apology. Now get this:

Weaver said she has not heard anything from Gandron or the library’s board since Gandron’s public comments. Gandron told the Post-Star she initially wanted to change the contest rules so that the winners’ names would be drawn out of a hat rather than just being the children who read the most books.

A non-winner winner! Just what America needs to maintain its collective self-esteem instead of advancing intelligence and rewarding work ethic.


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