Public Schools: The War on Kids

Sunday, January 15, 2012
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Here is a brilliant documentary on the horrors of public school prisons in America, where children are subjected to monitoring, authoritarian supervision, arbitrary rules, conformity, coerced abstinence, zero tolerance insanity, irrational fears, invasion of privacy, prison-like security, mind-controlling drugs, and the police state. I highly recommend this – it is a stunning capture of how the federal public school system has become a security garrison with satellite detainment facilities. I especially like the part (in Part II) where the filmmaker visually shows how so many of the public schools look exactly like prisons. Some of the footage you will see is staggering, and some of the interviews with public school bureaucrats are remarkably creepy. Here is the information for the movie (it is shown in six parts):

In 95 minutes, THE WAR ON KIDS exposes the many ways the public school system has failed children and our future by robbing students of all freedoms due largely to irrational fears. Children are subjected to endure prison-like security, arbitrary punishments, and pharmacological abuse through the forced prescription of dangerous drugs. Even with these measures, schools not only fail to educate students, but the drive to teach has become secondary to the need to control children. Not only do school fall short of their mission to educate, but they erode the country’s democratic foundation and often resemble prisons.

School children are interviewed as are high school teachers and administrators, and prison security guards, plus renowned educators and authors including:

Henry Giroux: Author of Stealing Innocence Corporate Culture’s War on Children

Mike A. Males: Sociologist, author of Scapegoat Generation

John Gatto: New York City and New York State Teacher of the Year

Judith Browne: Associate Director of the Advancement Project

Dan Losen: The Civil Liberties Project, Harvard University

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12 Responses to Public Schools: The War on Kids

  1. JQ says:

    January 15th, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    A few ideas come to mind on this topic, the first being we can thank the Feminists of the 60′s (you know…that movement that belongs where all smelly movements should go..the toilet) for much of what ails us today.
    It was in the sixties that I bore my five kids and watched all the moms around me going off to work, some in glee that they only had to see their baby once a day—I knew then we were into a new scene of really sick women…Often I was asked to watch Timmy or Nancy when they got off the bus, for mom was too freaking busy at work, all so she could have a pool in their backyard and she could evade a very challenging job/home.

    What a topsy turvy time that was. So women went out to work and the latchkey kids were on the rise, along with the single mom phenom, and basically kids had no parents and not even an adult teacher. What
    teachers they had were a new generation of potheads and sleep around morons left loose to ‘teach’ a new generation on how to be major arseholes and never have to grow up. Now that the liberal femme fools have produced the most dumbed downed generations and they know that they royally screwed up, they need a scapegoat, and so, viola, the kid is now fresh prey for not just policemen and no tolerance, but to satisfy the femme teachers need to point the finger elsewhere instead of looking in the mirror to find the answers as to why and how they screwed up!

    Just watched that video above and at some point the speaker said that we are now witnessing an institutional built in hatred for kids—Reeeaaaallllly, who would’a fkn thunk? The hatred for kids began in the sixties when women en masse thought it would be smarter to be men, and not women. Too prove that they too could climb the corporate ladder, that they too could muck up the environment by producing plastic gidgies that no one needed. To not have to serve a decent meal at 5:00 pm for now the sixties brought these glorious gobs of goo onto your table via frozen dinners, packaged mac n cheese and all kinds of simliar crap.

    And so again, we pay for the recalcitrant feminists who have given us not just a nation of idiot savants dumbed down beyond belief, but they have also given us a nation of fat asses with diabetes, obesity and all the other killer problems from not eating right for years on end.

    But boy did they/feminists pat themselves on the back for climbing that corporate ladder even if it meant the shards from the glass ceilings landed in the faces of their kids or their husbands or even into their souls.

    Methinks that loads of people are totally screwed up today, and most of it a direct result of women who feared being women. In the sixties they caved to the republican idea that women should work outside the house, but women, being clueless hadn’t any idea that it wasn’t for their own good, or their supposed equality, but for gov’t to take in more taxes.

    Having lived long enough to see the decades since then, it has been apparent to me that with women working, prices would always keep ahead of women’s wages, thus guaranteeing you would have to work harder and longer hours….and for what? That second car? Furniture changed every 3 years…the phony baloney of playing Keep up with Jones.
    But back to the educators, mostly women who hate kids to begin with, they now see to it that kids are treated with no respect, when in fact, it is the reverse that should prevail…few teachers deserve respect for all the damage that they have done in dummying down kids…they make good money and give precious little back in value for a students right to learn.

    It isn’t the kids that should be on the receiving end of zero tolerance. It is the rotten teachers who are into group think, as most liberals are. And it’s for whack job liberal thinking that we should have ZERO TOLERANCE. It is lazy ass women who didn’t want to hack it at home, so why would we expect that they’d do better at teaching…lazy is lazy is lazy, and these dumb broads do as little as possible. All they demand is that all kids CONFORM TO THE IDIOCY OF THEIR ERSATZ EDUCATIONAL BS.

    It was they who chose to leave their homes/families/womanly chores, so why is it a surprise today to witness those failed feminist policies leading to police in the classroom today?
    They didn’t want men in their life, and so now they need police in their classrooms. Feminist fools are nuckin futz!

    Wierd to hear about police in schools, when bullying has prevailed for a number of years and teachers and principals turned a deaf ear to it all. Two of my grandkids have been victimized by bullying kids, and no help from the schools on that score. Having researched said subject/bullying,
    I learned it is often the brightest, most talented kids that are picked on. That definitely is the story of my grandkids…all 12 at top of their classes.

    Conformity is key in the scheme of things…think New World Order which i prefer to call NW ODOR…for it sucks/stinks bigtime, but the Powers that be like their feminist counterparts have this obsessive need to control. One would think that with all this emphasis on conformity, wearing uniforms and the like that one would see some proof of it benefitting kids, but no, colleges decry how these kids come in their first year not being able to read or write, and so the college has to first teach them material that the kid should have learned by 6th grade…so much for american lower education….it is truly lower, in fact, as low as it can get. And oh yes, thanks to the feminists now more girls enter college than guys, but more boys are failing and not making it and not going onto college. I sure as hell hope that all the feminist morons who put this train wreck into motion don’t cry when the muslims take over. It will be too late then, to tell Mr Whitey you love him and need his protection, but worse of all the first women to go in a takeover are the liberals, the feminists, the morons. But ignorant fools that they are, they’re clueless.

  2. liberranter says:

    January 16th, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    While it goes without saying that the publik skoolz are beyond redemption, one wonders, in light of the rapid escalation of tyranny, when the Regime will start bullying its way into private educational institutions to inflict similar dysfunction and destruction.

  3. Tommy Udo says:

    January 16th, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    This is the first documentary I’ve ever watched that truly upset me. I don’t even particularly like children, but now I feel sorry for them having to rot in these hellholes every day. The authoritarianism is particularly appalling. What kind of sadist could manhandle a tiny, terrified, crying girl and put handcuffs on her? If I were a policeman in that position, I’d refuse, regardless of the consequences. They could take their job and shove it.

  4. Ken Ashley says:

    January 16th, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Feminists and public school teachers, or any, are among the best humans around, mostly. Because they are likely the most intelligent. Granted, a scarce commodity.

  5. JQ says:

    January 16th, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    @Ken, Sorry but what you say above is anything but true, for if it were true, why are the last few generations so incredibly dumbed down? Why do colleges experience angst over incoming students who can’t even read, write, count? Are you telling me this is the way that ‘intelligent’ teachers teach today? Go into any store today where a kid is a clerk. Say your order comes to $1.52 and you hand the kid two bucks and 2 cents. Is there any reason on god’s good earth they should stand there with a big WTF on their foreheads as if they don’t know why you gave them 2 cents?

    You say, teachers are likely the most intelligent…hardly Ken, albeit there are always exceptions. There are SOME good teachers out there, but they are NOT the vast majority who manifest mediocrity by dumbing down students. And then those notorious ‘rubber rooms’ for recalcitrant teachers in NY, the largest teacher base in the US. Hundreds of teachers have stayed in the system, albeit they are forced to go into counseling, sometimes for years and taxpayer’s millions $$$ upholding this major BS. All the meanwhile they will never ever in a 100 years be teacher material!!

    You can read from the url below, “The rubber rooms — so nicknamed after the padded cells of old-style mental hospitals — have become a symbol of the unacceptable face of the city’s education system, which is the largest in the US. Around 600 teachers are currently occupying the temporary reassignment centres, as they are officially known, in locations across the city, including a trailer site in Washington Heights.
    From Monday to Friday during school hours the teachers sit in the rooms under instruction to do whatever they like, so long as it has nothing to do with teaching. Some play Scrabble, read books or do yoga, others run small businesses on their laptops, many wile away the hours by sleeping.
    The reasons cited for their confinement to what has been described as purgatory or jail for teachers range from excessive lateness or absence, sexual misconduct with a student, physical abuse, incompetence or use of drugs or alcohol.”

    Between the lousy teacher unions and pot smoking faux teachers, the poor kids don’t stand a chance. Karen’s videos posted here the last couple days reveal just how disgusting the entire picture is getting…you going to argue with that Ken?
    You want to pay for this crap son? If you uphold the ersatz education system in this country, you’ve just proved you have 2 1/2 brain cells!
    Perhaps you can enlighten us all here on why you feel it has been such a good thing that New Yorkers have put out millions of dollars on teachers who do crap or do harm, including sexual deviancy with students, just to keep them in the system, albeit not even working, just taking up space in a sort of bootcamp that never does manage to rehab the morons who shouldn’t teach!

    I think if you learn how to research online Ken, you will see that what I am saying is just the TIP of the iceberg. Our schools do suck, they are bigtime mediocre, unions don’t aid the kids in anyway, the teachers clamor for conformity and expect a lockstep classroom. Worse, of all, is when you have a very bright kid and the teacher doesn’t have half the candle power of the kid, that poor kid suffers for being a non conformist, but then we know, don’t we, that non conformists always suffer, but it sure as hell beats being mediocore.

    Even God says, “be ye either hot or cold, but not lukewarm, for I will vomit you out of my mouth”. Lukewarm in this case means medicore. When a teacher never picks up on his/her own time, a hardcover book, and when kids are dumb downed, how can you push such an unintelligent remark as you did Ken? Facts speak for themselves!!

  6. liberranter says:

    January 18th, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    JQ, Ken is clearly a troll. That aside, here’s a statistical picture, one of the more recent among many published over the last few decades, that reinforces your point that the majority of today’s teachers are far from the “best and brightest.” Indeed, “education” majors in today’s colleges and universities consist mostly of those in the bottom third of the SAT scores who couldn’t cut it in any other major field that demands actual intellectual ability.

  7. JQ says:

    January 18th, 2012 at 12:41 pm


    In an attempt to further your education per your clueless remark, I invite you to read this article and video I came across today..

    Note how if you are a good school you will be punished by dummy teachers in bed with teacher’s unions. Once again, note that self preservation is paramount for union’s, not the actual education of these black and latino students. Note that the expectations of charter schools are much higher versus the regular public school/unionized who both share the same place, but this charter school is turning out superior students….and note, all these kids live in the same low end part of town!

    So, your love of unionized public schools and the dummies who run them prove how nutty the system is and further, just how UNintelligent those teachers are that you are praising from the rooftop of ignorance.
    Also see a quote following video.

    So you see Ken, unions in schools don’t help one iota, they keep students dumb…is this a case of ‘whitey’ wanting to keep other races down? Or women teachers who are also victims of the ersatz non critical thinking they rec’d in public schools and from moronic profs in college?

    If you want to learn why the intentional dummying down has existed for eons, I can recommend no better site than this fact loaded website.

    Here I quote from a book by John Taylor Gatto on the Underground History of American Education. The book is titled The New Dumbness.

    ‘Ordinary people send their children to school to get smart, but what modern schooling teaches is dumbness. It’s a religious idea gone out of control. You don’t have to accept that, though, to realize this kind of economy would be jeopardized by TOO MANY SMART PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND TO MUCH. I won’t ask you to take that on faith. Be patient. I’ll let a famous American publisher explain to you the secret of our global financial success in just a little while. Be patient. He continues here with..
    “Old-fashioned dumbness used to be simple ignorance; now it is transformed from ignorance into permanent mathematical categories of relative stupidity like “gifted and talented,” “mainstream,” “special ed.” Categories in which learning is rationed for the good of a system of order. Dumb people are no longer merely ignorant. Now they are indoctrinated, their minds conditioned with substantial doses of commercially prepared disinformation dispensed for tranquilizing purposes.’

    Jacques Ellul, whose book Propaganda is a reflection on the phenomenon, warned us that prosperous children are more susceptible than others to the effects of schooling because they are promised more lifelong comfort and security for yielding wholly:” This I propose Ken, is how and why all those Ivy Leagurers in the stratosphere have managed to bring down the economy, as they take their dancing orders from those who understand just how pliable these ersatz schools force conformity. You can list a whole lot of dudes in that catergory who think they are so freaking smart…from timmy boy geithner, henry paulson, barney the frankfurter and the big O. Oh, and that really dippy and dumbed down, Pelosi along with her sidekicks, Biden and Reid!

    So you see Ken, I can’t blame you for a lack of critical thinking, for your teachers obviously did a number on you! You get 22 handicap points!

    Alan Bullock, an English historian remarked that “Evil was a state of incompetence.” This being the case, our schools for all too long have filled the twentieth century with evil. This evil now manifests in an economy that has tanked, dumber kids than ever becoming dumb adults, our status in the world tanking from all the dummying down, 400 military kids trying suicide about every day now…and more. Ken, I rest my case.

  8. bw says:

    January 20th, 2012 at 9:24 am

    I’ve also thought that the income tax was partly to blame for many of these problems,in some cases women felt compelled to enter the job force as the income tax become more and more oppressive. I think that fits with the feminism aspect.

  9. `F says:

    January 20th, 2012 at 11:19 am

    What? No mention that schools came from Prussia and was designed to produce obedient soldiers? Prior to schools, children simply stayed at home, worked alongside their parents and learnt as they went.

  10. Ken Ashley says:

    January 21st, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    Everybody! I was playing devil’s advocate to the first post. A burden on the public. Macht Spaß! Still likely a Troll. You are very right on your points.

    But the “dumbing down” is just that teachers are one of the standard human/Amerikan, what else? They all abide by the status quo. It is passed down for generation after generation, centuries, thus not about pot or teacher’s unions, which is current.

    Glorify the un-civil war. Wonderful dishonest Abe. On and on. Fantasy world. But Amerikans like the fantasy, just like they get on TV, I suppose.

    The truly outstanding teacher prospect would not be available, given the pay, etc. Just the way it is.

    The “public school” concept stinks, frankly. It exempts parents from responsibility. It is based on property tax, and thus no one owns any property as skip a tax payment and they take it away.

    Europe has much better systems, where after the 6th grade, they go different routes.

    The only defense against reality is to first acknowledge reality. But they have always ignored it, and hope it will go away. It mostly has, in the past. Thus, the status quo. What do they want from their school? Amerikans can do no wrong. Of course.

  11. Ann Patterson says:

    January 31st, 2012 at 2:46 am

    Why do parents accept this state of education? Our children attended Montessori school through 8th grade.  No security, no library (they walk to the public library if they need to use one), no unionized work force, happy, motivated teachers, freedom of choice in work and movement, and materials that last generations instead of needing to be repurchased every year.  Seems so logical.  This philosophy of educating children worked in Italy’s inner cities with children who had learning challenges and came from tremendously difficult home environments.  Change is no longer optional.  Like with every other area of American life, the more “standardized” it gets, the more quality suffers.

  12. JP Merzetti says:

    September 6th, 2014 at 10:48 pm


    Feminists never have had the power to be guilty of 99% of what they’re accused of. The power in the world still belongs to men.
    Public education dumbed down? Where is the common political will to fix that? As long as the elders are dumbed down (worshipping the unfree enterprise of folly) well then….the kids didn’t make their world. Their elders did. Children are just one more ‘value-added’ commodity to be exploited by endless herds of ‘professionals’, ‘specialists’ and no end of adults with living wage jobs (full benefits) the kind that apply that key to the lock of that fast-disappearing middle class career. A society that feeds off its children in this manner is sick. And while we’re all continually blaming everything under the sun that we think is the culprit – the real bandits are making off with the goods. Kids aren’t even free anymore to hold up the mirror that reflects us back to ourselves. How pathetic we’ve become. And no-one ever gets to teach America any lesson that might do her some good. She’s on her own. Dear country, ’tis of thy children, you’re dying.

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