The Psycho-Pharmaceutical Complex Wants Your Children

Sunday, September 4, 2011
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The government-medical establishment myths and scaremongering are being kept alive by the government schools that want to screen your children for mental illness and diagnose them with bogus disorders. The mainstream media is consumed by repeating these myths and cranking up the fear, and they call it “news.” Here’s a paragraph from a recent Wall Street Journal article:

Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas) recently reintroduced legislation that would prohibit federal funds from being used for any mandatory mental-health screening program without parental consent, including TeenScreen. (TeenScreen’s Ms. Flynn says that parental consent is always required.) Because there are errors and false positives on such tests—kids who aren’t really depressed but may answer questions in a way that makes them seem so—opponents also fear children will be wrongly identified as problematic and stigmatized, or that parents will be penalized if they don’t seek treatment.

Here’s what happens when you deny the government-medical establishment’s protocol for treatment (powerful, hallucinogenic, psychotropic drugs): they come and take your children and haul you away in handcuffs as a criminal. I wrote about the TeenScreen racket in 2006. The website TeenScreen Truth was set up as a response to the government’s launch of this program.

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One Response to The Psycho-Pharmaceutical Complex Wants Your Children

  1. Andrea says:

    October 17th, 2011 at 8:22 am

    Well, drug cartels do everything to get more consumers. It doesn’t matter if it is the Medellin Cartel or Merck. And it is so sad that they are after the chidlren. Chemist Shane Ellison worked for Big Pharma and now he is a whistleblower. Her his take on drugs:

    And her is a nice Rap on you tube about the drugged kids: Define Better

    Sooner or later we all get our Kallocain

    Regards from Germany

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