Passive-Aggressive Readership

Saturday, July 6, 2013
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So I get another crazed person writing me and all upset about … well, I dunno. A guy sent me a crazed email that smelled curiously like a passive-aggressive personal attack disguised as a rambling, incoherent inquisition. After 14+ years of dealing with the public cauldron of loonies, one gets very good at sniffing these buggers out. I’ll call him Mr. Dude, and further down this post I will explain why.

What is often the most telling sign that someone is launching a passive-aggressive attack on your person is when they write you in response to what can be called a “harmless” post with little or no conflict presented in the topic – as least compared with most of the topics I typically embrace. These loonies, with far too much time on their hands, use these otherwise mundane topics to go off into the “I hate you” orbit.

Mr. Dude went off on this post about my conversation with an individual from a small business in Detroit whose business has been adversely affected by the anti-smoking laws. His rambling incoherence could not be cut through with a machete, so I responded with a short email offering no conflict other than, “So what is this about?” What I got back was an incoherent rambling, Email Part 2, that described how Mr. Dude thought I was a fraud (for writing about my conversations on the anti-smoking laws?) and how I was an even bigger fraud for being a CPA. Then he went on and on about me, my job, and all else he must know via his extraordinary ability for extra sensory perception. Poor Mr. Dude has a very narrow view of what CPAs do in the business world, and he claims to know all about me and my job, all the way from his hole down in Kentucky.┬áThat told me there was more to this story.

So why do I even mention these lunatics occasionally?

Because his name was familiar, I searched my email and came up with emails going at least a few years back, with him being very much appreciative of my work. He had asked me questions about how to secure a webmaster, etc. He even had a few article published on (Yikes.) Then he went off on me starting this week. These people are more common than you think: they like you, they hate you, then they go ape on you. It is usually the sign of someone with whom you do not want to engage for further correspondence.

So when I googled him I came up with all kinds of strange stuff – including unnerving mug shots – about him in the media. He had quit a restaurant job and later harassed his employer, calling his (former) place of work “organized slavery.” He was also arrested by police for stealing yard signs and then walking with the signs down a busy parkway. He was said to be “irate” when police tied to talk to him about the stolen signs slung over his shoulder. He’s also been arrested for creating a disturbance in a courtroom. He was also arrested for trying to work out at a private gym with an expired membership after refusing to leave when he was asked to do so. The gym owner said he was an ongoing problem. So basically, the guy is mentally unbalanced and always in some sort of mindless trouble, so knowing that left me with no choice but to block him and leave him a world behind.

So you see, many of these people we writers deal with are not just nutballs behind an email – they are truly disturbed people who have targeted certain individuals for their personal torment. It’s what we deal with, and in the least, you readers should be able to appreciate that we put our articles (and names and bios) out there in spite of the risk inherent in dealing with multiple unknown tremors.

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One Response to Passive-Aggressive Readership

  1. Dave B says:

    July 6th, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    That Mr. Dude scares me. I am not easily scared. Be careful, and prepared. Most people do not know what a CPA does. After 35 years of being asked how is tax season going I just say fine, busy, but fine. I don’t do taxes, haven’
    t since I was a junior accountant in the 70s. You do have courage (or dumb) to deal with the public like you do. I do admire you and I will not stalk you. I just lurk at your site.

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