Pass the Donuts, or, Enjoy Your Heart Attack, Lack of Energy, or General Slumpishness, and Have a Good Day

Tuesday, May 30, 2006
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Paul Hein writes a few words on “eating healthy.” I have a slight issue with his thesis, which I find to be a bit overly-cliched and therefore wrong. So I must clarify this. He surmises that the health nuts “eat healthy” to live longer. No, to eat healthy is to make one’s existing life one of quality, joy, vigor, efficiency, and supreme energy. To “eat healthy” in the here and now is to finely tune and maintain the body God gave you, and it drastically enhances your ability to take on and accomplish tasks as opposed to merely being a reactive sloth. Plus, if you are still around at 80, the goal is to be self-sufficient and athletic and mobile, still, instead of having lived the donut-and-recliner life, unable to function beyond the basics. Disease or illness aside, we do have control over many aspects of our being.

One cannot point out “long distance runners dropping dead” and myriad mainstream, unscientific studies about foods and exercise reported in USA Today and Fox News as examples of the unhealthiness of healthiness. For, if we understand the nature of causation, and how people treat causation in search of their own agenda, we know that studies everywhere purport to prove that A can lead to B just as easily as one can “prove” that people who smoke are more likely to wear orange or fart in public as opposed to non-smokers. I really abhor all the low-level “studies” trounced out-and-about that allege that something that has previously been “proven” in a study can be unbound in their study. This is all a pop culture-o-rama for the short attention span crowd that desires 750-word pronouncements on everything from explaining the war to staying healthy. Ignore it. The research – from academics and private institutions – is out there, so seek it and learn from it.

Also, health is not necessarily – or possibly not at all – related to disease. Genetics and other factors affect one’s overall possibilities for health, but a vigorous approach in regards to exercise and good eating can certainly stave off the ill effects therein. Imagine perhaps if that long-distance runner didn’t lead an energetic life? Might he have dropped dead 10 years sooner? Or might he have lived the bowling-ball-belly-and-sedentary life ten years beyond? Of course, there’s no study on that. He probably died very happy with his time here on earth. As an extreme example, Lance Armstrong was dealt a rotten hand, but his body triumphed because it was strong and prepared, whereas a donut-riddled body would have succumbed.

Now, aside from Paul’s piece, some thoughts on an interesting topic…….Generally speaking, why are so many people slothful? During the course of my day – whether at work or play – I pass these sloths as if they were standing still. They lack energy and drive. They never seem to get out of first or second gear, even in their youth. They love those morning donuts and cokes, dang it, but they’re looking at their watches, waiting for that 12pm nap time at their desk on lunch. If this is all you desire out of life, so be it: it’s your choice. Make it.

There are a lot of anti-state writings that fight the government and corporate interests on nutrition and health. I think, in the end, when I hear libertarians voicing their “eat lard and donuts, and be fat and happy” philosophy, it’s merely a knee-jerk reaction to the perpetual, in-your-face Lifestyle Fascism we have come to know from the State and its nosey minions. However, it’s no more useful – as a reaction – than the crap the other side feeds us. The health totalitarians aren’t going to go away, thus, limit the foolish reaction when it comes to fact-finding, and fight back. Produce real evidence – and not just pure irreverence – stating to the contrary of what those birds say. Do your research if you claim to understand the issue. Using slop and silly, anecdotal ways to fight lifestyle fascism is no way to convince smart people of the totalitarianism we face. And we do face a hugely important battle concerning the State, food and health fascism, and all the drama and loss of liberty it brings with it.

Quite frankly, there is nothing attractive about announcing one’s penchant for being anti-athletic, anti-health, or pro-crappy food. If you eat crap, you will look like crap, and it shows. That is nothing to boast about. Do your thing, but stay in the right lane, please. People need to pass you.

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