Parents Offer Up Children to the State for Vaccine Testing

Monday, July 27, 2009
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Upon reading this, a friend writes, “What person with a sound mind would allow their children to be used in such a manner?” The Oklahoman reports that people are offering up their kids as guinea pigs for swine vaccine trials to “test the vaccine’s effectiveness and whether or not it has negative side effects in patients.”

Nationwide, 12,000 children will be given the vaccine for the trial, she said. The company should know today whether it will conduct adult trials, too.

“From a science standpoint, it should work,” Thurman said.

The same parents who obsess over every single safety issue concerning their children and slap helmets on their heads before they throw a leg over a bicycle, are voluntarily offering up their kids to have Big Pharma’s big-bucks vaccines stuck into their little bodies. To answer my friend’s query, forget the sound mind question. The public-educated, over-propagandized, dumbed-down population has been rendered helpless over the years.  They are needy, clinging, docile, helpless fools, and that describes a majority of the population of this country. Everything we libertarians – well, some of us – have been talking about for many years is playing out before us, and people are reacting exactly as most of us predicted they would. Would it be so difficult for people to stop and assess the situation, determine what the facts are, and lastly, ask questions and seek answers?

Remember Katrina and how the people reacted, and how they begged for government to save them, and how they marched through the doors of the Superdome and threw themselves at the mercy of their supposed “protectors?” This was a good preview of things to come.

Welcome to Amerika. Land of the helpless, home of the meek.

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