The Hillary Show Ain’t Over Yet

Friday, July 8, 2016
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Are they trying to make the plebes happy?

“Now that inquiry is over, the State Department will reopen its review.”

This is the Bread & Circus, Part 112. So she’s above the law, but not above the US State Department.

Like I always say, folks, vote this November (“participatory democracy”) so you can stop this madness with your citizen “power.”

“It seems like you’re insinuating”… (The Insurgency in Dallas)

Friday, July 8, 2016
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I received a shrieking, cowardly email from someone at “” in response to my post yesterday on the killing of Alton Sterling. People often use these temporary emails for sending hate mail for which they do not have to back up, and instead, they can “hit send” and run the other way. Here’s his letter, in full:

“thus far in 2016 killer cops have taken 505 lives by gunshot, as well as 990 in 2015. There’s only one way to stop this, and voting ain’t it.”

Please elaborate on what the “it” is that will stop the spate of killer cops. I felt like I was left hanging after reading this post of yours.

It seems like you’re insinuating that firing upon police officers is a viable option since you’re so utterly convinced that the method of voting is a waste of time. [Bold mine.]

What did you mean, if not that? If voting “ain’t it”, then what the hell is “it”?

It’d be nice if you could add a clarification post to LRC to explain this more thoroughly. I’m sure I’m not the only one that was left with the impression you’re condoning the murder of police as the only remedy.

Don’t respond to this email. It’s a temporary address and I’m closing the window as soon as I hit send.

If this shrill individual had known of my past writings and principles, he would know that I advocate not voting as withdrawing consent from the current system under which we are all, essentially, slaves of our Masters. I have not voted in 20+ years. But then, he acknowledges, in one sentence, that he is aware I am convinced that voting is a “waste of time.” Where did I call for the “murder of police?” Of course, I didn’t, but somehow he is very good at drawing illogical leaps from something I don’t write, and have never written, to his biased conclusions. Because, in essence, this type of insurgency we see in Dallas is not effective, and it will only serve to further enforce the Police State, step up gun control, inspire martial law, and enrich the centralizing powers of Leviathan. This is not a good war, nor one that can be won on the side of Liberty.

Certainly, has been a leading proponent of the anti-voting philosophy throughout the years. In a time when the presidential election is a poster child for the demise of western civilization, understanding the importance of not voting should be front-and-center on our radar maps.

But I’ll let Butler Shaffer make the case for not voting and explain that the only way Leviathan can be stopped is by the serfs withdrawing their willingness to be ruled under the guise of “democratic participation.”

The illusion of a short-term reduction in the rate of increase of state power clouds the longer-term consequences inherent in political participation. Political systems derive their power not from guns and prisons, but from the willingness of those who are to be ruled to expend their energies on their behalf.

…At no period in my lifetime have the opportunities for reversing the dehumanizing nature of politically dominated societies been greater. Leviathan is dying as a consequence of its inner contradictions. Those of us who love liberty should rethink any temptations we might have to rush to the deathbed of statism and attempt to revivify its corpse by giving it a transfusion of our energies. The society upon which statism has fed will doubtless undergo a few headaches,fevers, and upset stomachs in the interim. But like a case of the flu, it may be better to let the sickness run its course rather than continue our habit of suppressing the symptoms.

Another Execution By Cop (In St. Paul)

Thursday, July 7, 2016
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Traffic stop – for a broken tail light on the vehicle. Another execution by a cop at point blank range in St. Paul. Right here, in this video, you see a bloodied man, Philando Castile, groaning right up until his death. Watch the cop, listen to his voice and words and his conversation with the woman, and note his inability to handle the stress and the situation. Yet these idiots are heavily armed, scouring the streets, and programmed to kill.

Executed by Cops

Thursday, July 7, 2016
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A black man was tasered (as the story goes now), held down by two thugs with badges, and summarily executed. Witnesses: “there was no gun in his hand.”

According to the Washington Post and its Fatal Force ticker, thus far in 2016 killer cops have taken 505 lives by gunshot, as well as 990 in 2015. There’s only one way to stop this, and voting ain’t it.

Dead Seal

Thursday, July 7, 2016
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The insanity of the militarized mindset. The young man was intentionally drowned by psychopaths.

Diversity Tyranny

Wednesday, July 6, 2016
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An indoctrination center in Manhattan where white kids are taught they are racists from the womb and not food given treats their “minority” peers are given because they are too “privileged” by birth. The Director of Diversity at the school claims that white infants “display signs of racism.” The modern illness called progressivism will be the demise of civilization as this disease eats away at the core of humanity.

The Case Against Stay-At-Home Parents?

Sunday, June 26, 2016
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I only take the time to comment on this piece in Bloomberg (“The Hidden Cost for Stay-At-Home American Parents”) because I see many opinion pieces on this topic that are so poorly thought out and written, and they are rarely challenged for the shallow analysis that is presented.

The writer, Michelle Jamrisko, has cited a report that attempts to quantify the costs to a family when a parent stays at home to care for children. And this report is presented without introducing the qualitative aspects of having a stay-at-home parent, a decision that is subjectively determined by the participating individuals so that they may add more value to the family life than a paycheck, missed potential raises, and retirement assets (which are already based on the flawed conventional wisdom of a constant value or always-increasing stock market).

The decision around whether to go back to work after having a baby — and pay for childcare — is already difficult. American parents can now add another stark financial figure to their calculations: Each lost year of employment could cost a family more than three times a parent’s annual salary. *

They’re missing out on a regular paycheck, but also the opportunity costs including lost wage growth and retirement assets, according to a report released Tuesday from the Center for American Progress.

“Given the importance of parents’ careers in ensuring financial stability for their children, it’s a sign we’re not thinking through childcare as an economic problem when parents are deciding to take time off or not without good tools to see how it affects their incomes,” said Michael Madowitz, co-author of the report and an economist at the liberal Washington-based research institution.

This article presents the stay-at-home-parent family as a robotically-inclined one where the parents have not intelligently quantified all economic costs, including opportunity cost and future lost incomes that are, in reality, based on multiple fallacies. The lifetime economic loss quantified in this overly-simplistic scrutiny does not take into affect the base skill set of the stay-at-home parent; the potential earnings power based on that skill set, motivation, and work ethic; the ability or desire for the parents to save for the future; or the costs of childcare and part-time parents for a working couple, and how those costs impede the ability to save for retirement even if they desire to save.

The author brings up opportunity cost without bringing into question the opportunity costs of not raising your own children and instead allowing strangers to play that role 40+ hours per week while the parents come home for a few hours at night to scramble to keep the household in order. But mostly, the article never once takes into consideration why a parent chooses to stay home with their children – reasons which are mostly qualitative and based on the subjective preferences of the parents and the lifestyle they desire for themselves and their children.

Since a report by the Center for American Progress was the focal point of this article, one only need to take a slightly deeper dive into the story to understand that this is part of an ongoing plea on the part of the Left to obtain welfare - government-mandated benefits – for women who have children so they can get paid to stay home, or allow them to opt for government-subsidized (“affordable”) child care. In short, these reports and studies and articles are contrived to build mainstream support and drive political legislation for economically-dependent families that will be forever on the dole.

The view set forth to support the notion of family welfare for all is that parents are not capable of making decisions about caring for their own children because they have not used the appropriate conventional (flawed) models to quantify staying at home vs. choosing a paying career. So therefore, government should step in, and, if a parent does choose to stay home, there should be child care welfare provided so that family does not have to rearrange their priorities, or lifestyle, based on what is important to them.

The left is not at all concerned about why parents leave the workplace to have children or the vastly improved quality of life that these families benefit from by having a parent remain happily on the homefront in a full-time role. Left-wing institutions and special interests are only concerned with enlarging their constituent base and moving forward with their anti-family, welfare-based agenda.

Just for fun, I plugged in my own numbers into this interactive graph to determine my “economic losses” had I missed out on my career to care for children at age 30. My “losses” went into the many millions of dollars, with one component hinging on the “security” of government benefits and financial markets:

LOST RETIREMENT ASSETS AND BENEFITS: The combined losses from missed 401(k) plan contributions while on leave and the lost growth of those assets until retirement and reduced Social Security benefits.

This is in spite of the fact that current statistics show no or greatly reduced savings on the part of the baby boomer generation and beyond.

* In spite of the article reading “more than 3 times annual salary,” the report from CAP reads “up to 4 times annual salary…” So which is it, and how do we know that? This is the numbers game, with numerous institutions and associated special interests intentionally citing hollow sound bites as factual statistics because it is known that most readers will process and believe exactly what they read.

Intellectually Gifted Children: the New Retarded

Friday, June 24, 2016
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A friend of mine has been having school problems with her two male children, ages 9 and 7. Issues of behavior, “inappropriate” comments (meaning, brutally honest), and a lack of “fitting in.” Hearing the problems at hand, and knowing their parents are smarties, it always seemed to me that these kids were very likely intellectually gifted.

She took these kids to a respectable assessment center, this month, where they were both tested extensively by PhDs who specialize in such stuff. High overview is: they tested with IQs of 132 and 147, respectively, with even higher vocabulary skills, and that was no surprise. Of course, they will be yanked from the government prison they are in, but appropriate schools around here are more pricey than college, and it takes months to comb through applications, search for private financial aid, and win acceptances.

In the meantime, I read an exchange between my friend and the school principal that infuriated me, and they ain’t even my kids. This person is entirely focused on the 7-year-old’s (IQ of 147) “lack of performance” lately, and his falling test scores, in spite of the fact that he’s doing complex math problems way beyond his grade level. On and on this guy went, completely focused on percentiles and scores and comparing this brilliant child to the other kids who have the ability to robotically “cram” for tests and get higher grades than her son.

Oh, and this 7-year-old boy with a 147 IQ? He had been placed in Special Education a few years ago because … he just wasn’t fitting neatly and quietly into the little round hole that had been assigned for him. This is why the government indoctrination system is a criminal entity that is entirely destructive of human capabilities. This is why government schools – unlike free institutions – have to *force* children to attend by threatening parents with charges and jail time.

The Empathy Industry

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
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Empathy is a wonderful trait for humans to possess. It is a trait that is learned through maturity and emotional intelligence. Empathy is not supposed to be a form of self-punishment, but a characteristic of understanding another’s place and time, and yes, feelings.

Corporate America has long been at the head of the line in diversity training, and that all started out with companies scattering to develop a playbook for political correctness which has morphed into a gigantic industry of privilege shaming and political coercion through schemes promoting victimology.

Apparently, there is such a thing as an “empathy index” that can be leveraged by consulting firms to make oodles of profits off of cash-rich corporations with bloated human resource departments while also appeasing the Government-Victimology Complex that promotes so-called equality through divisiveness, coercion, and intolerance. This article in the Wall Street Journal shows a male Ford employee wearing a pregnancy suit, complete with pointy boobs, so that he may begin to empathize with pregnant women.

About 20% of U.S. employers offer empathy training as part of management development, up significantly from a decade ago, estimates Richard S. Wellins, a DDI senior vice president. He expects that percentage will double in 10 years.

The empathy industry fabricates statistics to present to corporations that state, to quote: “the top 10 businesses among 160 in a 2015 Global Empathy Index generated 50% more net income per employee than the bottom 10.” And this B.S. is enough for HR strategy hacks to go off on their merry way and concoct business cases “proving” value from such training by quantifying it through mindless mounds of unproductive paperwork.


Janet Yellen’s Ticking Sound

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
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This article on Yahoo provides some good analysis on the state of the Fed’s no-exit strategy: no matter which way it turns, there are land mines between that beast and all of its purported save-the-day fiscal policies. Here’s a mouth full of marbles from Yellen on the rate hikes, yesterday, in her semi-annual purple prose to the U.S. Senate Banking Committee.

“The committee expects that the federal funds rate is likely to remain for some time below the levels that are expected to prevail in the longer run because headwinds, which include restraint on U.S. economic activity from economic and financial developments abroad, subdued household formation and meager productivity growth, mean that the interest rate needed to keep the economy operating near its potential is low by historical standards.”

The “headwinds” for which she is so intentionally allusive are the economic contraction in retail and industrial production; lack of a large enough fire under the housing bubble (including new housing starts); and a worldwide financial crisis that Yellen and the Fed, no matter what they do, cannot wash away with wizards and wands. Headwinds, meaning an “opposing” motion for which the Fed bears no responsibility, rather than a fundamental reality as a consequence of years of government-planned economic stimulus.

What Yellen essentially says above is that because of these “headwinds” the Fed committee expects these currently low rates to continue in spite of the fact that higher rates are expected in the “future” (whenever that is), and these current near-zero rates are acknowledged as being, yes, historically low, but they need to be that way in order for the central planners to continue to mange the economy like a boat with its rudder stuck. So essentially, she said nothing.

Every other issue she addresses is stated in words such as “we need to watch,” “we need to monitor,” “we are looking into it,” “very hard to predict.” According to Yellen, the labor market is not deteriorating or sliding or showing signs of recession, but rather it is seeing a “loss of momentum.” And an entire committee sits there on their collective hands. Although I did like the Tweet from Bill Gross that Yellen was speaking from “a 50-year-old textbook.”