FDA Claims the Power to Define Words

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
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The FDA wants full control of the word “healthy.” To quote:

The Food and Drug Administration will re-evaluate its definition of “healthy,” which could eventually upend how a range of foods are marketed.

The gist of this is that the FDA will take full control of a word. The word “healthy,” and how it is defined, deployed, and where and when it can be used. The FDA is, and has been, a criminal organization acting in concert with Big Ag, Big Pharma, and powerful special interests while destroying every last bit of freedom that Americans have left to choose their own food.

The FDA currently allows use of the term “healthy” on packaging only when products meet certain nutrient criteria. Last year, it told the maker of Kind fruit-and-nut bars that the company’s products should not be called healthy because of their saturated fat levels.

Realize that you live in a place and time where the government can declare what food products are or are not “healthy” by employing its deviant and biased use of the term to strike down any food product that does not meet its politicized guidelines. Of all of the bars (breakfast bars, granola bars, energy bars, snack bars) on the market, Kind is one of the very few that I buy, and that is because of the mostly clean list of ingredients without the corn syrup, added sugars, and other crap. But because nuts are central to the ingredient list, and nuts have “fat,” and fat is still demonized by the Food-Agriculture Cartel and the medical establishment, Kind bars are kicked to the curb in favor of low-fat sugary snacks. This article on Fox News accurately explains the basics of how it works:

Food can only be marketed as healthy if it meets five criteria: fat, saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol and beneficial nutrients, like vitamin C or Calcium. The levels differ by food category, but snacks generally can’t have more than 3 grams of fat.

When the term ‘healthy’ was first officially defined in 1994, low fat content was the main focus of health professionals. Sugar wasn’t on the FDA’s, or most nutritionists,’ radar.

Kellogg Co. doesn’t generally market its Frosted Flakes or low-fat Pop-Tarts as “healthy,” but under the current guidelines, it could. While the foods are high in sugar, they meet all the criteria, from low fat to fortified with vitamins. And fat-free pudding cups can be marketed as healthy, but avocados couldn’t because they have too much fat, according to today’s rules.

The article also notes something else that should not escape the analytical eye, and that is the FDA is going to take years - many years – to redefine this word. That means the organization will grow ever more omnipotent by ramping up its budget, spending oodles of tax dollars, hiring masses of bureaucrats, distorting medical science, and colluding with corporate state partners to build a framework around a word – “healthy” – that will keep the current system and its profit partners deeply entrenched for decades to come while pushing out competitors whose products are not a part of the government-approved machinations.

The Government-Airline Complex and Seat Czars

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
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It’s not news that the government has systematically destroyed the airline industry via its regulation and war on terror. Flying, at least to me, has become the most unpleasant act I can ever undertake while paying for the non-service.

What has become a huge nuisance is the seating arrangements on airlines. So few seats are available when you book a flight because anyone with a sense of a budget is priced out of 1st class and the “better” seats are additional costs above the already overpriced standard seats. And that is in addition to the charges for baggage, additional baggage, and baggage that weighs in above the poundage limit. I am never able to get a bulkhead seat anymore – not in many years – because those are reserved to “people with prosthetic devices,” “handicapped people,” “people in wheelchairs,” or “the elderly,” depending on what airline you call or who answers your questions on a given day. But every time I board a plane and look at the folks in the bulkhead, they fit none of the above categories.

This week I booked a flight to Seattle and was unable to grab two assigned seats for the flight back to Detroit from Seattle. And I know how that situation can end up – one may very well get caught in the middle of (yet another) overbooking, and since I have no seat, I have no guarantee I’ll get on that plane to come home on my prescribed day and time. So my ticket is not a contract – it assigns me of the possibility of a service in return for the cash I paid upfront for that service.

So when I called Alaskan Airlines and told them I needed a seating assignment, the response from the agent hinted to me that the seat map was under airport control and seats could not be booked. Airports may hold back 40% or more of seat assignments to be released on the day of travel thereby stressing out paying customers who have purchased tickets well ahead of time, and dishing out prime seats to those who are in the right place at the right time. I told her I was flying back to Detroit from Seattle the day after a hamstring surgery in Seattle, and I would be on crutches, in pain, and experiencing limitations in bending and movement, and I therefore absolutely needed a handicapped (bulkhead) seat. I was told, after several minutes of trying to understand why a handicapped person could not get a handicapped seat (imagine that), that she would temporarily assign me a bulkhead seat, but on the day of the flight the airport had the right to throw me out of my seat.

I received no straight answer when I asked how that would happen, considering I will be on crutches (visible) and I will have signed medical instructions from the doctor. She said “they” will assign the seats as they see fit, so I may lose my seat. And if I lose my handicapped seat even though I am handicapped, there may potentially be no other (standard) seat available for me. So I said, “Who is they? Who is this mysterious Seat Czar?” She said, “the airport.” I said I understood the game of airport-controlled seating, but if a handicapped person who is one day post-surgery, on crutches, and unable to bend at the waist cannot get a handicapped seat, who will get these seats?” Only the Seat Czar knows.

Time once published 20 reasons to hate the airlines but not one of the 20 mentions was the governmentization of airports, airlines, hubs, routes, rules, and taxes. Even Richard Branson was blocked by the US Department of Transportation from stopping a takeover of his Virgin America. I think the intention of this entire industry and their regulators is to make people miserable, helpless, and begging for any speck of kindness from the Masters in control.

Not Drugging Children: “promising new approach”

Sunday, May 1, 2016
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Here’s an ADHD story reported by the mainstream media that boggles the mind. A young boy with “energy to spare” is, in the age of Drugs First, deemed a problem. This story’s theme is that when these normally energetic children are deemed a problem to society because they are not happy about being forced to be captive in the government schools, something has to be done to rectify the situation. The newsflash here is that addressing the child’s behavior first instead of immediately drugging the child is ”a promising new approach” and “an approach that could change the way young children are treated.”

Book Borrowers’ Prison

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
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Okay, so these folks are not good at organizing their lives enough to return library books, but they were hauled off to court for charges of “Failure to Return Rental Property.”

The couple thinks it’s unfair that they never would have been charged, if they had each just paid a $105 “diversion fee” to the Lenawee County Economic Crimes Unit in addition to the monies owed to the Tecumseh Public Library.

And the Retail Recession Continues

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
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Nordstrom inventory is stale and not moving, profits are forecasted to be 30% down in the first two quarters this year, and 400 employees at corporate HQ are getting the pink slip. Additionally, Intel is cutting 12,000 jobs. This is added to the long list of retail closings and layoffs just since mid-2015.

The cuts confirm a terrifying new reality for high-end retailers: Wealthy shoppers are reining in spending and — along with the rest of American consumers — refusing to pay full price for anything.

Yet Obama insisted he reigned over an era of private sector job creation that is unprecedented.

Junk Food Idiocracy

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
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The Idiocracy flourishes in an boom-bubble environment. This ampm is a convenience store chain owned by BP America, Inc., and apparently, marketing folks there take a dim view of the intelligence of their demographic base. This creature thing in the company’s commercial looks like a derelict version of H.R. Pufnstuf after about two decades of eating at 7-11 and other convenience stores, and sleeping in alleys after meetups with hookers. But apparently, there is a large enough attraction from among the company’s adolescent-adult customer base to keep it all afloat.

More Death and Destruction From the Warfare State

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
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Detroit media has been running investigative reporting that has unveiled a rarely discussed legacy of the warfare state: its abandoned military bases and toxic aftershocks.

Wurtsmith Air Force base in Oscoda, Michigan (the northeastern-ish lower peninsula) was closed in 1993, but it was known as early as the 1970s that groundwater contamination in and around the base was a problem. PFCs, or perfluorinated chemicals that are used in firefighting foam, have polluted residential wells in the surrounding areas. In 1977, it was discovered that a 500-gallon underground storage tank for storing trichloroethylene had been leaking and contaminating the groundwater.

The leak was repaired, but by the following year, nearby residents off the base were asking questions about the contamination and its potential health impacts to them. The U.S. Geological Survey investigated groundwater at the base and identified plumes of TCE; dicholorethane, or DCE, another potentially harmful chemical; and benzene, a petroleum-based solvent and known carcinogen.

The State of Michigan announced its intent to sue the military over the contamination in 1979, in an effort to speed up the cleanup. By 1980, a private residence off-base was found with TCE contamination in its drinking water well.

In January 1994, the EPA moved to add Wurtsmith to its National Priorities List, essentially making it a Superfund site — the worst of the worst, most problematic contaminated sites in the U.S.  The base was evaluated by the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, or ATSDR, created by Congress in the Superfund law with a mandate to conduct a public health assessment for every site on the priorities list.

Nearby individuals have been told their well water contains arsenic, diesel fuel, and firefighting foam. There has been no follow-up of people stationed on the base and their health histories. A similar case came out of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. To quote the article:

According to a 2010 federal report, nearly 900 Superfund sites in the U.S. are abandoned military facilities or facilities that provided materials to or otherwise supported the military. The potential liability from connecting people’s health disorders to the toxic pollution they were exposed to at those hundreds of facilities could mean a staggering cost.


When Achievers Leave

Monday, April 18, 2016

In an environment of class envy, racial strife, rampant crime, and redistributive madness, millionaires and affluent African-Americans are leaving Chicago.

Millionaires are leaving Chicago more than any other city in the United States on a net basis, according to a new report.

About 3,000 individuals with net assets of $1 million or more, not including their primary residence, moved from the city last year, with many citing rising racial tensions and worries about crime as factors in the decision, according to research firm New World Wealth. That represented about 2 percent of the city’s high net worth individuals.

Detroit Public Schools: Broke and Corrupt

Monday, April 18, 2016
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As the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) scandal unfolds, the truth about Norman Shy continues to be revealed. Shy became immensely wealthy, and at least one way he did so was to become an “approved vendor” for DPS, allowing him to run a kickback scheme with the help of at least a dozen school principals.

Here, in this 11,000-square-foot estate, public records show, is where the central figure in a Detroit school corruption case lived for years  while allegedly cheating the Detroit Public Schools out of millions of dollars with the help of 12 principals and one administrator. Shy’s home was featured in a Michigan House Envy article in the Detroit Free Press in 2013.  He sold the home in November 2014.

According to court documents, principals used Shy as their school supply vendor for items such as chairs, workbooks and paper, but the supplies rarely made it to the classrooms.  In return for their help, the principals allegedly received $1 million in kickbacks that came in all forms: payments made to sham companies that the principals had created, cash, gift cards and house repairs, including a new roof and gutter work for one administrator.

DPS unknowingly paid for it all, prosecutors allege, claiming Shy was the biggest benefactor of all. Over 13 years, he billed DPS $5 million, of which $2.7 million was ill-gotten, they say.

After Detroit ran its own schools into the ground, for decades, the state of Michigan took over and further destroyed and corrupted an already broken system. One can wonder how many people lined their pockets over the years with the tax dollars sucked up by DPS.

This weekend’s Detroit Free Press reveals how lavishly Norman Shy lived in a palatial estate of 11,000 square feet in Oakland County. Additionally, he was known for consistently suing small guys, including the contractors building his estate. Mr. Shy sells himself as an expert in communications but you’ll find a whole lot of grammar indiscretions all over his “The Art of Communication” website. It’s actually pretty funny.

One of the principals who was on the take in Shy’s scheme had been on the Ellen Degeneres Show as a recipient of a $500k feel-good award, giving the audience the usual sob story about Detroit Public Schools having dilapidated infrastructures; computers that don’t work; leaking roofs; mold issues; an infestation of insects and rodents; and no books, paper, or pens for the kids. Hence, Hollywood to the rescue. Following the Ellen event, GoFundMe pages appeared all over the place, trying to raise private money to feed into this corrupt rathole.

This video of the Ellen gifting event is about as embarrassing as it gets.

Undoing the Lies About Ty Cobb

Monday, April 11, 2016
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This is an absolutely incredible, revisionist story by investigative journalist Charles Leerhsen in Imprimus, a publication of Hillsdale College, on the real Ty Cobb and how his life and career was entirely distorted and misrepresented by mythologists, sensationalists, and the monster Ken Burns, the painfully mainstream TV “historian.”

Through research, fact-seeking, and “shoe leather reporting,” Leerhsen accidentally stumbled upon the great character of Cobb and exposes the sensationalism and falsehoods that have floated unchallenged for decades. His book, Ty Cobb: A terrible Beauty, is available on Amazon.

Cobb’s autobiography was hijacked and made up by Al Stump, a guy with a long history as a liar and fabricator. Cobb was painted as an “avowed racist” when that label had become pc fashionable (when all documented evidence says otherwise). Additionally, Ken Burns used amateur-stereotyping sources to destroy Cobb’s character in his Baseball documentary.