“Our Country”

Friday, October 27, 2006
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The endless playing of John Mellencamp’s “Our Country” (the Chevy Silverado commercial) during the world series was enough to make one throw up. I generally love Mellencamp’s music, but this song is so predictable, so pseudo-patriotic, so cheesy, so rife with plastic homage. If you’ve watched the series, you saw the commercial almost every single commercial break. As two local radio jocks noted, the commercial’s lyrics (“our country”) play to visuals of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Muhammad Ali. And then the white man is shown and it’s none other than the lying, deceitful, shallow Richard Nixon, as he climbs out of Air Force One. Thus we are to believe that “our country” is the heroic Ali, Parks, and MLK — and then add the representative for evil white males in the form of Richard Nixon, the Hall of Shame patriarch. Our country, folks. Are we just a bit sick and tired of this force-fed diversity propaganda yet?

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